12 Volt Appliances Work Off Your Car's Lighter, How Convenient!!

With 12 volt appliances, you can have all the extras when camping.

If you plan to go camping in a tent, all you need is your vehicle cigar lighter plug.

You can find all kinds of 12 volt conveniences for camping comfort.

As you can see from the products listed below, you have it made.

You need to have some of these on hand.

Your next tent camping experience can be a better one.

Think about that hot cup of coffee in the morning or late in the evening.

It tastes so good, doesn't it?

12 volt appliances are not very expensive. They can be replaced easily and are travel efficient. With a limited space for traveling, you can still pack it away.

12 Volt Appliances for Tent Camping

When camping in a tent, you don't have all the extras like you do in a travel trailer. No electricity, no problem. Just plug it into your car's lighter and you can make coffee, cook or keep your foods cool.

Keeping your food cold will be easy without ice. Just plug it into your lighter, and you have a mini fridge on wheels. Sounds like a must needed thing to have.

Convenience is the key to using these great ideas. They make life easier and camping lots more fun. Cook in a crock pot and have a hot meal. Keep yourself warm with a heater. Enjoy hot chocolate and coffee on a cold morning.

Think of all the possible ways to use these. You can actually take everything you need for camping in just a little space. You don't even need a campfire to have a hot meal.

Sometimes building a fire is out of the question.

This solves that problem for you.

You will have everything you need to have a comfortable and easy camping experience.

Make sure your vehicle's cigar lighter works or your appliances won't work.

You can always get a small travel generator and take with you.

Some of these don't weigh very much and are not heavy or cumbersome.

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