Our Family Campouts

by Becky
(Nashville, Tn.)

As a child, my parents used to take us camping. We used tents and had the best time. They would make sure our bicycles were oiled and ready to go.

We, my brother and I, would blaze our own hiking trails. We learned so much about nature and the joy of just having a little freedom from the house and yard we were always in. One thing is for sure, we were never ready to go home when the weekend was over. I think we could have lived at the campground forever.

As an adult now, I do have children of my own and you know I think we are going to go camping. I have not taken them and they are old enough to go and enjoy the adventures as I did. Thank you, Relda, for getting me to see the love I once had for camping. I can truly say, I have fallen back in love with camping. Your site is truly inspirational to camping and also the stories of your family has welled up emotions of being a child and the fun you actually do have when camping.

Thanks for your wonderful website!

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