Propane Camping Stove

A propane camping stove is a must have for outdoor camping. If you camp in a tent, you only have two choices, one is to use the fire pit grill and the other is a portable stove.

Either one will work just fine, but cutting wood is much more time consuming and harder to do than using a propane cylinder. These are made especially for outdoor use.

You will find them in many different styles and sizes.

All of them are designed with the camper in mind.

The ones with a wind shield work best.

The wind is detoured away from your flame.

There are some that can be put in a backpack. They take up very little room and are lightweight enough to hike with. Easy up, easy down.

Most of them just fold up for storage and travel. It is almost too easy. You can cook just about anything you want on one. One bottle of propane will generally last about 1 hour, if cooking on high heat.

You can be conservative and cook even longer. Each person will use a different amount of fuel. Keeping an extra bottle at all times will ensure you won't have undercooked food.

Any meal can be cooked on one. Frying the catch of the day is easy to cook. Breakfast, not a problem. No matter what you want for lunch, you can cook it.

You can also carry one in your RV.

They are nice to have if you plan to go on a picnic, hiking or just a trip to the day area.

They give you an extra cooking space for company.

Some places to use one may be at family reunions, tailgate parties, a family get together, class reunions, scouting, Sunday School parties, college gatherings, church functions and so many more.

They are not very expensive and it is easy to find the perfect one for your needs.

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