Choose a Reese Hitch

Installing a Reese Hitch is one of the best ideas you have had yet.

These are high quality and reputable in the RV market.  The type of hitch you need depends on what RV style you plan to pull.

Let's start with the bumper pull camper. This is a travel trailer pulled by a hitch attached to the frame of the tow vehicle at the back bumper.

It is a simple hitch that requires low maintenance.

There are different ratings of hitches to choose from.

Make sure you get the one that fits your particular tow vehicle and trailer weight.

The wiring is to be connected properly so you will have lights and signal lamps on the travel trailer.

This is a typical Reese Hitch for a bumper pull camper. This is not all you will need to begin pulling your RV.

Along with it, you will need a sway control bar.

This will keep the side-to-side movement at a minimal.

As you can see, it is quite different from the bumper pull hitch. This one bolts in the bed of your tow truck to the frame.

Your fifth wheel camper attaches into the jaws of the hitch by the king pin on the camper.

It is locked into place and that's it! Easy to do and easy to pull. It is a one step procedure that is done in a matter of minutes.

Your wiring is plugged into the receptacle box located in the truck bed wall frame.

Don't forget to attach the brake cable. That is one important wire. It will stop the camper if it come unhitched from the base for whatever reason.

Trailer hitch installation should be done by someone who know what they are doing. A travel trailer dealership will be your best choice.

It is needed when you have to cut those sharp back ups.

As you know, some of the camping sites are just plain hard to get into.

This will help you tremendously.

Always check for trees and low hanging limbs when backing your camper up.

If they are in your blind spot, you may have a damaged camper.

Your top quality hitch will last you a long time and you will be glad you choose this brand.

It is a very widely used hitch that is sold at dealerships and trucking stores.

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