An RV Hot Water Heater
A Much Needed Luxury

An RV hot water heater is one of the best appliances to have in your travel trailer.

When you turn on the water, whether taking a shower or washing dishes, you will be thankful for it.

There are times when camping you need to have some hot water.

Boiling it on the stove top or campfire is OK, but the convenience of having it come from the faucet is priceless.

When you camp with kids, the shower is most appreciated.

You would not need a shower if you didn't have a hot water heater.

Your RV hot water heater runs on electricity or propane gas.

Turning it on ignites the flame and it takes a couple of hours to have steaming, hot water to use.

With an RV washer, the hot water will get used up quickly, but it fills up fast and again, heats rapidly.

This is the unit from outside the camper. You can see it has the place to light it. You can drain it from the valve shown here. You will need to drain the water from it after every camping trip.

Water that sits becomes smelly and stagnant. It will not be healthy for you to drink. Be sure to follow all directions when using this unit. It does get fairly hot on the outer section.

When making rv hot water heater repairs, seek out someone that knows how the components work. A dealership will be your best bet for any repairs. This is a flammable appliance and needs to be properly repaired.

Most of them have a capacity of 5 gallons. That may not sound like a lot of water, but when you combine it with the cold, you can run it for quite a while.

When showering, turning the shower head off when soaping up will save on the amount you need.

Turn it back on when rinsing off.

When washing dishes, run hot water in the sink.

Use your stopper to keep the water on demand.

Wash the dishes and rinse as needed.

Don't keep the water running the whole time.

I like to wash all my dishes at the same time. Then rinse them all at the same time. That way, the water does not run continually.

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