"So, Where Do YOU Go In Your Travel Trailer?"

Does a travel trailer and rv camping sound like your favorite hobby? You may be a pro, a hobby camper or just a beginner.

Our goal with this website is to take you on an amazing journey through the eyes of 2 RVers.

We love our camping trailer and everything about it, as well as our camping lifestyle.

We want you to learn to love RV camping or if you once liked it and don't go anymore, we want you to fall in love with it again.

There is so much to learn and do.

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Travel Trailer Research and Information

If you are searching for your first RV, we can help you find the right one for you and your needs.  Use the menu above to find out more.

pot on campfire

There are so many different RV trailer manufacturers. Do your research before you decide on any one RV style.

There are many floor plans to choose from and color schemes for the interior. The best way to start is to decide how much room you need.

From there, think about your towing vehicle. How much weight can it safely tow?

Once you get that figured out, begin to list what you want to have in your RV. Do you want it to have bunk beds, a fireplace, an open kitchen, big windows, lots of storage space, an entertainment center, fiberglass siding or corrugated siding, easy maneuverability or even a compact or large refrigerator?

All of these will help narrow down your search before you go shopping. If you want a small, compact, light weight, easy to tow, pulled with a car, small truck or SUV, easy to set up and take down camper, then start with a pop up camper.

These have all the amenities of a travel trailer, except the space. Again, you know how much room you need.

If you want a bigger travel trailer with lots of room on the inside, easy to tow, pulled with a mid sized truck or SUV, larger tires, more hot water capacity, larger refrigerator, more spacious bedroom, more living space, larger TV, more spacious kitchen and larger holding tank, then you need a bumper pull camper or fifth wheel camper.

The main difference in a bumper pull camper and a fifth wheel camper is the hitch. A bumper pull camper is pulled from the bumper by a bumper hitch. The travel trailer will have an extended hitch of which is inserted into the tow vehicle bumper hitch.

A fifth wheel camper is pulled by a stationary hitch mounted inside a truck bed. You can't pull a fifth wheel without an open bed truck.

The fifth wheel hitch is called a king pin and is a permanent part of the front of the RV. This king pin is inserted into the jaws of the fifth wheel hitch that is mounted in the bed of the truck and locked into position.

A fifth wheel camper will also allow for more interior room because the bedroom is over the hitch which is over the truck bed. Most fifth wheel travel trailers combine easy towing and great floor plans to give you a very large living area and kitchen area.

Here is our fifth wheel camper...............

fifth wheel camper

Along with owning an RV, there is responsibility and maintenance. Taking care of the camper is vital to the longevity of it's use.

Keeping it clean and maintaining its working components will keep it and you happy for a long time.

If you decide you want to have a motorhome, you will need to consider the use of towing a dinghy. You can drive your RV and tow your personal vehicle along and travel in ease.

A motorhome comes in several different styles, also. You will have all the amenities of home.

So you see, there are decisions to be made before you make any decisions. Write down all your wants and needs and take into consideration your tow vehicle.

Once you have that narrowed down, venture out by starting with the pop up campers. Then look over the bumper pull campers and move up to the fifth wheel travel trailer if you have an open bed truck.

Once you find your perfect RV, you will be excited to get setup and begin your travels.

Look up all the campgrounds in your destination area and tour around to see which one you want to camp at.

Hmmmmmmmmmm..... That may be the hardest part of camping!

We do not have a campground, but one day I would like to have one. Just the thought of owning one just gets me so excited.

I want to see people having fun like we do.