12 Volt Air Conditioner

The Ideal Gadget For Keeping Your Tent Cool

A 12 volt air conditioner is most likely the best thing to have on hand when camping in a tent or even in a boat.

It only uses battery power, no electricity. You will find so many different styles of portable 12 volt ones.

Using a battery charger with a 12 volt plug is an ideal way to keep cool with these.

Some are compact, covering only a few feet while you have some that can cover a small room.

One of these will cool a tent.

Think about how hot it gets in the summer and you are in the tent.

You feel like your skin is melting off your body at times.

Even the evening and night temperatures in a tent can feel like an oven. Having a compact air conditioner will solve that problem and improve the quality of your sleep.

Even the hottest of temperatures are no match for a cool breeze.

Uses for a 12 Volt Air Conditioner

 A 12-volt air conditioner is great for boats, RV, autos, aircraft or any small, enclosed space that tends to get uncomfortably hot! 

Once you decide how much area you need to cool, match up your needs with the right capacity unit so you get the A/C that will adequately cool the space.

With portability and ease of use, you will find yourself using one often. With the compact size and maneuverability, storing one is no problem, either.

Be careful to keep it out of the extreme elements. Also some components may need servicing over time, so read the owner's manual, too.

Finding just how convenient they are, you may find yourself with more than one.

This may not be a bad idea if you need one for different uses.

The size you need will depend on what area you want to cool.

Be sure to read all manufacturers instructions and warranty information.

You can never be too careful when getting to know a new device.

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