About Us

The site has a new owner.  The founder is moving on to new things, and the new owner is excited about helping new campers learn the ropes, as well as providing new information for the experienced campers.

New Site Owner

On my very first 2 week vacation as a grown up (at age 20), I, along with my husband, and another couple borrowed the family pop-up and spent a wonderful vacation at a KOA campground in southeastern Virginia, near Norfolk.

That campground had a lovely fishing lake and we spent many happy hours catching food for our meals.  The guys would prepare the catch and we would all cook it over the fire of the tiny camping stove.

young fisherman

It was great fun to spend so much time outside living with nature, rowing a boat on the water, and getting up early to catch breakfast!

Somehow the food just tastes better when you're out there with it!

More recently, we have been introducing the younger family members to the fun of camp-outs. 

Check back with us for more information and camping stories. And don't forget to share your outdoor adventures with us (bottom of page).

back yard tent

First Family - The Site Founders

Let me tell you about us. We are an RVing family. We have been camping for many years.

Our adventure started when our children were young. Being the parents of 7 boys and 2 girls, we had to do something to occupy all of them. We decided to take them camping.

When we started out, tents were our campers. We would spread out several tents on one camping pad. A large tarp would go over all the tents to keep the rain off the camp area.

With strings tied to the trees at the corners and a tall stick in the middle, we had a great shade and shelter. Talk about a close knit family, that's what we were.

I bet our site was the talk of the campground. They probably talked about us having a camping site full of kids and tents!

Now as we started to get a little older and our children were getting a lot bigger, so when those tents just would not cut it anymore for us, we purchased a pop-up camper.

Boy hidey, we looovvveeed that. Not only were we off the ground, but we were enclosed and cool. That pop-up even had an air conditioner. That's a long way from box fans running and sweating all night.

After our children started getting married, it was just me and my husband, which was nice for a change. Of course, the kids would show up at the campground around eat time!

Pops (my husband) gained lots of experience with fire-pit cooking. It made my time camping much more enjoyable cause he does most of the cooking!

He gets out the cast iron skillet and cooks bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning. He grills hamburgers and hot dogs on the open fire pit. He is an expert at chicken and steaks. There are so many good things you can eat while camping!!

Our camping adventures didn't stop with our children. We have continued on with grandchildren. Our camping trips soon became a 2nd generation event.

With our first two granddaughters, along with this huge wagon with blow-up wheels, we continued on camping.

They rode in it everywhere we went. Of course, that saved our hips from carrying them around.

That wagon has hauled wood for cooking and night heat, carried ice from the host station to the campsite, rode kids, and even a few bugs and frogs. We still have that wagon and it is still going strong.

We decided that pop-up just wasn't big enough anymore, so we traded it in for a 27 foot bumper pull. I guess the more room you have, the more you can put in it, because soon we were blessed with twins!

So here we go again, pulling kids in that same wagon, reverting to the family camp outs again.

We have since gained 6 more granddaughters and 5 more grandsons, and our camp-out traditions continue.

Some of them live out of state, so they don't get to go as often.

So here we are today with a 40 ft. toy hauler. Room is still limited in it sometimes, but when it is just the two of us, it is sure nice to have the extra footage.

May the circle of life never be broken.

I hope we, better known now as Granny and Pops, have instilled in our children the value of family time and closeness. After all, we still have the camping passion and pass that love on the grands!

This is the story about us and our love for outdoor camping. Let us hear your story!