An Avion Travel Trailer Looks Like A Spaceship on Wheels, An Oldie But A Goodie

You've probably seen an Avion Travel Trailer before. They are the ones that look like a space ship on wheels.

These are a popular RV that began production in the 1950's. Made of anodized aluminum, they are very lightweight and easy to tow.

Finding one may be the difficult part of owning one.

They are no longer in production.

Fleetwood bought the company and continued to manufacture them.

But they discontinued the production when the popular body styles began to change.

You may find a few still in use on the road today. Most of the ones still around have been restored or are in the process of restoration.

They were built to last for a long time and they did. With a few upgrades and some general maintenance, you will have one that will last for even more years and enjoy it thoroughly.

Vintage Avion Travel Trailer

Photo from Google Images

Avion Camper exterior

There are those that are avid owners that want to keep the vintage travel trailer alive. It's tribute to the RV industry will not be forgotten. There is even a club for these faithful owners. It is known as the Avion Travelcade Club.

This unit began to dwindle down over time and and they began to pursue the Fleetwood RV Club known as Club Fleetwood. They joined together and are known as the Fleetwood Travelcade Club.

You could join the club with a small fee. You gain, in the process, access to many different social events and even some activities. Some of these may include trips. You would find the meetup places through the United States and Canada.

This Club has since been dissolved.

You will still find those that are still in love with the Avion Camping Trailers.

There was a restoration group that had a Forum going for several years.

I tried to find it but no luck so far.

All the links I could find took me to a dead end. I found many references to different websites, but they did not produce any information.

If you know where there is still an active Forum, please let us know so we can share it with other people who are interested in joining.

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