Caring For Your RV

Caring for your RV and Maintenance are an essential part of keeping your rv camper looking new.

Let's start at the roof. Most camper roofs are rubberized. Be sure to use an approved cleaner made especially for rubber roofs.

Maintenance of your RV should not be taken lightly.

There is not one thing on a travel trailer that does not need some kind of care and maintenance.

Keeping it washed with mild detergent is the first part of RV care.

If you keep it clean, it will not be stained and streaked.

Wash the sides of your camper often.

Road grime and air dust settles on it and then you have those ever dreaded bug splatters. They need to be cleaned off after every trip.

Check your screens. Make sure they are not torn or rotted. If they are, make the necessary repairs or the bugs will get in and that means mosquitos, bees and flies will be inside instead of outside.

Another part of caring for your RV is keeping a check on your fluid levels. This includes your LP gas tanks, gray water tanks, black water tanks and battery acid level.

Check your fire extinguisher charge often. Your LP Gas Leak Detector will need to checked every three months. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide batteries should be checked every three months.

Tires need to be inspected before loading up for a trip. Make any necessary repairs or replacements before you load your camper.

RV tire covers are wonderful for protecting your tires from setting in the sun and rotting and cracking. A great investment for caring for your RV.

Make sure you have good all around vision of your camper with extended outside mirrors. These mirrors can save you a lot of in and out of your vehicle.

Check your hitch and towing equipment and grease as needed. It is a good idea to keep some trailer ball grease on hand. It can be used on any part of the hitch EXCEPT the sway control friction pads.

Check your lights and make sure they have good working bulbs in them. Do a light check before every trip once you plug in your power cable to your towing vehicle.

More On Caring for Your RV

Inspect the roof for damages caused by low hanging limbs or sun damage. While you are on top, check your A/C cover to be sure it is intact. Those vents also need to be checked for cracks.

Your awning needs to be rolled out and inspected for tears or frayed areas. Make sure the awning is dry and leaf free before rolling it up.

If you have a slide out, check the gasket around the opening for tears or debris which will cause water leaks. Replace or repair as needed. The gaskets are part of caring for your rv that are most important. Without good seals, you will have leaks.

Check door hinges to be sure they are tight when closing them. If the lock catch is not tight, the doors will open when traveling making a big mess inside.

Check the gasket around the refrigerator. Make sure it creates a tight seal. If it is not, you are wasting your propane gas and electricity.

Check your light bulbs in your overhead lights and appliances. Keep a few on hand.

Keep a watch on your structural seam sealer. It does have a tendency to shrink and crack with age. This will create water leaks and will need to be repaired.

Check the brake pads on your travel trailer at least once a year. Replace them as needed.

In caring for your RV, include checking your chains and cable links for frays or cracks. Replace immediately.

Use a soft bristle brush with a handle to scrub with. The roof is safe to stand on, just be careful not to fall off! While you are up there, scrub the air conditioner cover. It will not hurt to put water on it after all it does rain on it. Rinse it throughly to remove all the soap solution.

The siding on your travel trailer needs to be cleaned after each use. You will be surprised how dirty it gets from just one camping trip. Use the same brush you used on the roof and start from the top and go down. You can wax the front and sides with a good UV wax and it will help remove bugs from the front when you wash it next time.

Be sure to empty the fresh water tank and wash out all hoses used for black water disposal. Check your holding tank supplies. Make sure you have plenty of holding tank deodorizer and all switches are off.

Caring for your RV includes the tires and the wear on them. Keep a watch on your tire pressure. Your tires determine the safety of your trip. Don't overload your trailer! Your anti-sway bar needs to be checked for correct use.

Make sure to chock the wheels when parked to keep it from rolling. With a little RV care and maintenance, your travel trailer will last you a long time. You will want to go camping every weekend.

Now is a good time to check all exterior light coverings. Make sure the covers are not broken from road debris. Always check your towing vehicle lights before leaving on any trip. Make sure the tail lights and brake lights work, also.

Check out all the RV videos and books available to help you preserve your travel trailer. You can even download some of them right into your computer, save and read it anytime you wish. You will find many helpful tips and hints from a pro camper.

Get all the valuable information on the proper care and maintenance for the interior of your RV, the exterior of your RV, RV appliances, LP gas system, water system, electrical system, RV generators, RV battery’s, chassis & frame and RV tires.

After you get your RV cleaned up, let it dry and put a coat of polish on it just like you do your car.

It will help protect it from dirt and debris. It will make washing it next time much easier.