Coleman Travel Trailers,
Just Another Great Value From the #1 Trusted Name in Outdoor Products

Coleman Travel Trailers are part of the best known outdoor camping equipment providers. The name itself stands for high quality. You know the well known name when it comes to outdoor stoves, tents, coolers and sleeping bags.

But, did you know they build travel trailers as well? Not just any travel trailer, but high quality, built to last, durable and great looking travel trailers.

The Classic and Lightweight Laminated travel trailer and fifth wheel RV are all built under the quality name of Coleman.

You know that the products produced are of great value.

You don't get underrated outdoor equipment with them.

When you think of camping products, you know you can rely on the products made by Coleman.

No matter where you look, you find them on the shelves of the most shopped at stores in the world.

They don't get the reputation for being the a trusted manufacturer of travel trailers for nothing. You get the same quality assurance in their travel trailers as you do their products.

They have been manufacturing RV since 1900, so they do know something about them. All the good features are found in each Coleman travel trailer as Standard Equipment.

You get what you pay for plus some. They go above and beyond the call of quality products. Do a comparison check. See why they have earned the brand of #1.

a coleman travel trailer

In recent years, they've held their value well. Of course, you have to take care of it. Do the maintenance and cleaning and you'll be in good shape. I recently sold one for my mom, and we were happy with how that went.

You trust their products, why not give their travel trailers a try? At least look through them. A tour of one will give you the peace of mind about making the commitment to purchase one.

You can see their floorplans and download a brochure from the Dutchmen/Coleman website.

Their online Media Center page also has photos and base prices of their current models.

There are dealerships all over the USA. Each dealer is committed to bringing you the best price and service.

Do you own one or plan to buy one?

Let us know by contacting us.

We would love to hear your feedback on it.

We will be glad to post your comments and give you credit for them.

Let's get a poll going!

What travel trailer manufacturer is the best and why?

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