Hybrid Travel Trailers - Getting The Most of Two Campers Together

Hybrid travel trailers are one of the most common campers you will see on the road. With lots of convenience options, this compact camper is easily towable.

This small travel trailer is a combo camper, meaning it is a combination of a fold down camper and a bumper pull camper. Of course, the best way to travel is compact.

When you get to your destination, park it, pull out the beds and set them up just like a fold down camper, and finish it out with the leveling.

That's it!!

hybrid travel trailer

This unique camper has a hard side just like a bumper pull camper. You save space on towing because the beds are slid in when towing.

This size is approximate to the Hi-Lo Camper, but with a straight side that is not lowered or raised.

A really neat camper, with most of the features found in a regular travel trailer, this hybrid is a great find. These RV camper trailers can sleep up to six people.

If you are like us, you can find an extra spot somewhere to sleep another person. You can find lots of extra space for sleeping room when you need it. With a price of $8,000 to over $25,000, this is a reasonably priced travel trailer for the money.

Just the towability of it is worth looking into. It is light weight and will not increase your engine load or decrease your gas mileage by a lot.

an extreme hybrid travel trailer

What to Know About Hybrid Travel Trailers

Hybrid travel trailers, also commonly known as expandable RVs, are a combination of hard-sided travel trailers and pop-up campers. 

1. Design: The "hybrid" in their name comes from the combination of traditional trailer components with pop-outs made of tent materials. When in transit, you have the compactness of a travel trailer, but once you set up at the campground, pop-out sections made of canvas or other weather-resistant materials can be extended to give more sleeping or living space.

2. Advantages: Some key advantages of hybrid travel trailers include:

  • Space-Saving: When closed, hybrid trailers are relatively compact and lightweight, making them easier to tow with many SUVs or light trucks. When opened at the campground, they provide significantly more living space.
  • Natural Ambiance: The canvas tent-like pop-outs can provide a closer-to-nature camping experience, with better airflow and the sounds and smells of the campground.
  • Economical: They tend to be more affordable than traditional hard-sided trailers due to their simpler construction.

3. Considerations:

  •  Privacy: Compared to hard-sided campers, hybrids offer less insulation against noise, which might affect your privacy, especially in packed campgrounds.
  • Climate Control: The canvas sides don't insulate as well as hard sides, making controlling the temperature more difficult in extreme cold or hot weather.
  • Maintenance: The tent-like materials require more maintenance, such as drying out thoroughly before storage to prevent mildew or mold.

4. Amenities: While amenities vary by model, many hybrid travel trailers come equipped with home-like comforts like compact kitchens, dinettes, bathrooms, and sleeping areas.

Hybrid travel trailers can offer an excellent balance between comfort and adventurism and can be a great option depending on your camping preferences and travel needs. It's crucial to thoroughly research models, brands, and consider your personal requirements before selecting the best hybrid travel trailer for your expeditions.

Comfort in Hybrid Travel Trailers

Considering the factors listed above, the tent-like nature of the pop-outs means they might not be the best choice for very hot climates or campsites that are close to each other.

But, if you are planning to camp during spring or fall or in a moderate climate, these could work wonderfully.

Similarly, if you will be camping in a forest with plenty of space between you and other campsites, you will feel closer to nature's sights and sounds while inside your tent-like sleeping quarters.

Easy to tow, easy to hitch, easy to set up, easy to maintain and easy on the pocketbook. What a combination for fun and functionality.

Look into a hybrid travel trailer when you are at your dealership and just check them out.

You may find that hybrid tent trailers are just right for you.

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