Hybrid Travel Trailers - Getting The Most of Two Campers Together

Hybrid travel trailers are one of the most common campers you will see on the road. With lots of convenience options, this compact camper is easily towable.

This small travel trailer is a combo camper, meaning it is a combination of a fold down camper and a bumper pull camper. Of course, the best way to travel is compact.

When you get to your destination, park it, pull out the beds and set them up just like a fold down camper, and finish it out with the leveling.

That's it!!

If you like the new hybrid travel trailer, and want to buy one, you will need to go to a dealership.

You can find any kind you want.

If you are looking to buy a used camper, you can look at a dealership, also.

Be sure to ask if there was any previous damage that has been repaired. Find out about the warranty on the repairs.

Study Before Buying In A Private Sale

If you plan to buy from an individual, you will need to do a very intense inspection yourself. You will need some source of guiding you through an inspection process.

There are books available to show you how to inspect a used or new camper. You will find it to be a profitable book that will show you what to inspect and how to inspect a camper.

This unique camper has a hard side just like a bumper pull camper.

You save space on towing because the beds are slid in when towing.

This size is approximate to the Hi-Lo Camper, but with a straight side that is not lowered or raised.

A really neat camper, with most of the features found in a regular travel trailer, this hybrid is a great find. These rv camper trailers can sleep up to six people.

If you are like us, you can find an extra spot somewhere to sleep another person. You can find lots of extra space for sleeping room when you need it. With a price of $8,000 to over $25,000, this is a reasonably priced travel trailer for the money.

Just the towability of it is worth looking into. It is light weight and will not increase your engine load or decrease your gas mileage by a lot.

Easy to tow, easy to hitch, easy to set up, easy to maintain and easy on the pocketbook.

What a combination for fun and functionality.

Look into a hybrid travel trailer when you are at your dealership and just check them out.

You may find that hybrid tent trailers are just what you are looking for.

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