LOVE the camping lifestyle !

by Shan

Growing up, my grandparents had an RV and my entire family would gather up and take a trip. It was so much fun!

I have such fond memories of the men fishing all day and bringing their catches back to the campfire for supper. Someone would make grits and hushpuppies and we were set.

My husband had similar experiences so about 7 years ago, we decided to do the same for OUR kids. There is just nothing like camping, hiking, nature hunting, etc in the great outdoors with your family.

I feel that my kids are better people for the experience.

If you are considering it, Do it! I'm so glad we did!


Thank you for sharing your memories! These days with so much time spent with digital devices like phones, tablets, and laptops, it is even more important that we expose our kids to nature and outdoor pleasures.

Peaceful moments beside the campfire or strolling a woodsy path listening to the birds, for example.

Even more active pursuits like fishing and hunting that still require quiet time with nature can give them an entirely new perspective.

It’s during these times that we might get a chance for real talks with our loved ones.

Another exciting outdoor activity that is on my to-do list is geo-caching and scavenger hunting. This hobby can combine their ever-present cell phone with an outdoor sport.

They will learn compass navigation and off-road GPS navigation, too. Who knows when these skills might be needed in their future?

Experiences like these can help us keep everyone’s screen time in better perspective and teach them that there is so much more to value in life and get us all outside.

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