RV Appliances for Convenience

RV appliances are the one thing you need in your RV to keep it running to meet all your needs.

The refrigerator needs to be in tip-top shape to provide you with a cool place to put your food products.

You could keep everything in coolers, but ice does not last that long and it will need to be replaced every day. Even a small compact refrigerator could work for camping. 

Keeping a good check on the propane gas level will save you from a sudden trip to the station to get a refill.

It will run out quickly in the winter time due to the heating of your RV. Using the RV appliances on propane gas, like the fridge, will use it up faster, also.

Maintenance on the refrigerator may require replacing parts as needed.

They are available and some repairs can be done yourself.

Another RV appliance that many camping people feel is essential is the water heater. Showers, washing dishes, and general clean-up are all better when hot water is on hand.

The propane tanks work great as long as they are filled with propane gas. It's a good idea to keep two on hand.

12 Volt Appliances Can Work Off Your Car's Lighter, How Convenient!!

car lighter

With 12 volt appliances, you can have all the extras when camping. If you plan to go camping in a tent, all you need is your vehicle cigar lighter plug.

You can find all kinds of 12 volt RV appliances for conveniences and camping comfort. As you can see from the products listed below, you have it made. You need to have some of these on hand.

Your next tent camping experience can be a better one.

Think about that hot cup of coffee in the morning or late in the evening. It tastes so good, doesn't it?

12 volt appliances are not very expensive. They can be replaced easily and are travel efficient. With a limited space for traveling, you can still pack it away.

Helpful 12 Volt Appliances for Tent Camping

Get a small travel generator or portable power station and take it with you. Some of these don't weigh very much and are not heavy or cumbersome. The one pictured is only a foot tall.

portable power station

When camping in a tent, you don't have all the extras like you do in a travel trailer. No electricity, no problem. Just plug it into your small generator or car's lighter and you can make coffee, cook quick things, or keep your foods cool.

While you're driving, keeping your food cold will be easy without ice. Just plug it into your lighter, and you have a mini fridge on wheels. Sounds like a must needed thing to have.

Convenience is the key to using these great ideas. They make life easier and camping lots more fun. Cook in a crock pot and have a hot meal. Keep yourself warm with a heater. Enjoy hot chocolate and coffee on a cold morning. With LED lights, you can always see what you need to at night. (If you use your car for any of these, just be sure you don't use up the battery to the point that your car won't start.)

Think of all the possible ways to use these. You can actually take everything you need for camping in just a little space. You don't even need a campfire to have a hot meal.

Sometimes building a fire is out of the question. This solves that problem for you.

Keeping your phone charged is easy with a portable power station. You will have everything you need to have a comfortable and easy camping experience.

Make sure your vehicle's cigar lighter works before you go, or you won't be able to use your 12 volt RV appliances there. Better to have a portable power station.

An RV Hot Water Heater - A Much Needed Luxury

An RV hot water heater is one of the best RV appliances to have in your travel trailer.

When you turn on the water, whether taking a shower or washing dishes, you will be thankful for it.

There are times when camping you need to have some hot water. Boiling it on the stove top or campfire is OK, but the convenience of having it come from the faucet is priceless.

When you camp with kids, the shower is most appreciated. You would not need a shower if you didn't have a hot water heater.

Your RV hot water heater runs on electricity or propane gas. Turning it on ignites the flame and it takes a couple of hours to have steaming, hot water to use.

With an RV washer, the hot water will get used up quickly, but it fills up fast and again, heats rapidly.

hot water heater

This is the unit from outside the camper. You can see it has the place to light it. You can drain it from the valve shown here. You will need to drain the water from it after every camping trip.

Water that sits becomes smelly and stagnant. It will not be healthy for you to drink. Be sure to follow all directions when using this unit. It does get fairly hot on the outer section.

When making rv hot water heater repairs, seek out someone that knows how the components work. A dealership will be your best bet for any repairs. This is a flammable appliance and needs to be properly repaired.

Most of them have a capacity of 5 gallons. That may not sound like a lot of water, but when you combine it with the cold, you can run it for quite a while.

When showering, turning the shower head off when soaping up will save on the amount you need. Turn it back on when rinsing off.

When washing dishes, run hot water in the sink. Use your stopper to keep the water on demand. Wash the dishes and rinse as needed. Don't keep the water running the whole time like you might at home.

I like to wash all my dishes at the same time. Then rinse them all at the same time. That way, the water does not run continually.

Propane Camping Stove

A propane camping stove is a must have for outdoor camping. If you camp in a tent, you only have two choices, one is to use the fire pit grill and the other is a portable stove.

Either one will work just fine, but cutting wood is much more time consuming and harder to do than using a propane cylinder. These are made especially for outdoor use.

You will find them in many different styles and sizes. All of them are designed with the camper in mind.

The ones with a wind shield work best. The wind is detoured away from your flame.

There are some that can fit in a backpack. They take up very little room and are lightweight enough to hike with. Easy up, easy down.

Most of them just fold up for storage and travel. It is almost too easy. You can cook just about anything you want on one. One bottle of propane will generally last about 1 hour, if cooking on high heat.

You can be conservative and cook even longer. Each person will use a different amount of fuel. Keeping an extra bottle at all times will ensure you won't have undercooked food.

Any meal can be cooked on one. Frying the catch of the day is easy to cook. Breakfast, not a problem. No matter what you want for lunch, you can cook it.

You can also carry one in your RV. They are nice to have if you plan to go on a picnic, hiking or just a trip to the day area. They give you an extra cooking space for company.

Some places to use one may be at family reunions, tailgate parties, a family get together, class reunions, scouting, Sunday School parties, college gatherings, church functions and so many more.

They are not very expensive and it is easy to find the perfect one for your needs.

Somewhat Optional RV Appliances

Using an RV clothes washer will save you money over the course of time. It can be installed in your RV. Some have the set up already there. Some campers can have the washer and dryer installed upon purchase.

We have a washer/dryer combo. This is great to have when space is limited. It does both the washing and the drying in the same unit. It's pretty cool to have when the campground is full and the laundry room is being constantly used.

You know your clothes are getting clean, and sand free.

Also, you don't have to remember to check on them every few minutes.

Not to mention, they will be there when you get to them.

They won't disappear when you get ready to get them, unlike a public laundry room.

The right appliances will make your camping experience an easy one. Don't overlook the use of them.

If your camper didn't come with air conditioning or you are camping in a tent, a 12-volt air conditioner might just make your camping life much more pleasant, especially for sleeping.

In fact, there are all kinds of other 12-volt appliances that might make sense for your situation.  Check them out!

Don't forget to consider camping accessories as well as appliances to make camping life even more comfortable and easy to do.

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