RV Holding Tanks

RV holding tanks are an essential part of having a toilet in your camper. Without them, you will have a very stinky campsite.

These tanks are built onto the structure of your camper to hold your waste products. Your toilet flushes and goes into the holding tank.

When it is full, you need to empty them.

You can either unhook your camper and take it to the waste dump or empty it into a portable holding tank and just empty that at the dump station.

It is much easier to take the portable tank!

It will save you much time and effort.

Be sure you use a deodorizer in your system. If you don't, you will not be able to endure the stench.

Just one tablet or ounce of deodorizer in the sewer system and you will have a smile on your face when it comes time to dump your waste.

Your RV holding tank on the camper is what all the waste matter from the toilet, shower, and sink drain in. These liquids go into two different tanks.

The shower and sink water go into the grey water tank. It doesn't need any deodorizer. This is fairly clean water with the exception of dish water and shower water.

The toilet water goes into the black holding tank. You WILL need some deodorizer in it. Everytime you flush your toilet, it goes into the black water tank.

These essential deodorizers come in several different forms. Some are tablets and some are liquid. Either one works and both are easy to use.

Make sure you rinse out the sewer system when you are through dumping. A clean tank will welcome you next time you venture out for a camping trip.

Don't forget to keep some on hand. When your supply is getting low, get some reordered. You certainly don't want to leave home without RV holding tank supplies.

Don't forget to add the deodorizers before you begin using the water.

Use the proper kind of toilet tissue, also.

There is biodegradable tissue specially made for sewer systems.

It breaks down easier and faster.

It is recommended by all RV manufacturers. Keep some extra on hand, too. You never know when you will pull out the last roll.

Find the one that meets your needs. If you have a favorite kind, share it with us. I want to show the ones that work the best.

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