RV Satellite TV

An RV satellite TV for camping? Okay, you are having the time of your life and BOOM, it starts thundering. What now? Turn it on and watch the weather.

Your RV camper is equipped with an antenna. Just crank it up and hook the line into your television. Be sure you let the antenna down when you pack up your RV to leave. If you have a TV with a built in DVD player, put in a movie and spend time together until this little shower blows over.

Where are you going to put it you ask?

Well, most travel trailers have a built in space for a small RV satellite TV.

Make sure you measure the space and look for the dimensions of the TV before you order it.

Just plug it in and Voila!-indoor entertainment. Be sure to secure the television while traveling.

Once you get to the campground, you will find very little reception. You can get a portable satellite antennae for your traveling. If you like to watch your favorite channels when camping, you can!

Take it tailgating, camping, to vacation cabins, on board your boat-anywhere you want to watch digital-clear satellite TV!

You can use one with the optional ladder mount with quick disconnect or as a remote antenna in wooded or urban areas where trees or buildings block clear satellite reception.

Most receive all DISH Network programs. What a way to camp!

Most portable dvd players have a compact television screen to watch your favorite movies on. Some of them come with 2 separate screens like this dual dvd player.

I don't know about your kids, but mine are not going to sit side by side, head to head and watch a movie on a small screen. That means they have to get close to each other, YUCK!

You can solve that problem with a dual dvd player. Each group can have their own portable dvd player screen. They can watch movies inside or outside.

You can find your a portable dvd player along where you find any electronics.

There are many different varieties available for you to choose from.

Some are kid friendly and can take bumps with a smile.

These are so cool for traveling with also.

Your kids can hold them and watch their favorite movie using earphones while you drive and listen to the radio.

Having an RV satellite TV is one of the best features you will have in your camper. Just wait until those days come, you will thank me later.