Safe Boating Tips

Safe boating is one of those things you think about when you hear about a boating accident or the unexpected comes up on your own boat.

But ideally, you should know about how to handle life threatening situations before you go on the water so you can avoid them.

Driving or riding in a boat is just as dangerous in the wrong hands as a road vehicle driver.

You never know when someone is not paying attention to others.

Always know what to do in an emergency situation.

You may not be in an accident, but knowing how to help someone else may help save their life.

People do foolish things sometimes and may not think before they act.

Children in a boat should be taught to stay seated at all times. They need to know to wear a life vest at all times and how to swim if at all possible.

Gear Up for Safe Boating

boating safety gear

Keeping a boating safety kit. 

Know how to use it before you venture out. Each piece is important and you will need to know how to use them before you ever need them.

Hopefully, you will not have to need it, but you could help someone else who may. Familiarize yourself with each part and show everyone else how to use it.

Another safety feature is a high powered flashlight or floodlight. Get one that shines a good distance. It will need to be waterproof and be able to float.

If it is equipped with the flasher, that is good to have for emergencies. Keep extra batteries on hand in a water tight container that floats.

Your boat key also needs to be on a floating key ring.

If your boat capsizes for some odd reason, you can always get it turned over and your key will not be lost.

Be sure you only have one key on the key ring by itself, so you will not have it too heavy.

This is just a few things to consider. If you know of other tips for boat safety, please share them with us. We would love to mention them so everyone will be aware of them. 

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