Screen Tents

Perfect For Evening Get-Togethers

Screen tents make a wonderful, extra outdoor room. Late in the evenings when you want to sit outside, you can do it bug free.

The netting is designed to protect you from all kinds of night critters that may be flying around.

You can use this enclosed screen house to eat in. They make a great get-together and eating place.

With a visual, all around, see-out view, you can look anywhere you choose.

Let the kids play and you can enjoy the time with friends or family.

You can also use it as a sun room.

Get a table in there, put you some lemonade on ice, pull in your favorite yard chair and sit and relax.

Screen Tents Can Expand Your Living Space

A screen house is the perfect item to take camping. Set it up over your picnic table for a relaxing meal. It will keep your food safe and also keep the sun off of you.

This multipurpose screen tent is designed to carry it anywhere and set up in a few minutes. Take it to the swimming area. You don't need a beach umbrella. Just a comfy chair and pillow.

Take a nap in it. Get out your hammock and sleep the afternoon away, bug free. They make for a comfortable place to enjoy reading a book.

Gather your friends together at the campground for a time of cards or dominoes. You can get lost in the day by the relaxed feeling you have given yourself.

Some of these tents don't have screen enclosures. They are just shelter tents. You can find a few of them at a good price, also.

These are perfect for day camping where you just need a shaded area.

You can pick them up and move them wherever you need it most. Use it over you picnic table, then move it to your lounge chair.

You can even use it for rain protection from those unpredictable pop up showers in the afternoon.

Of course, they don't last long, so you can get back to enjoying your day out without being drenched with water.

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