Travel Trailer Manufacturers - Finding The Best For You And Your Needs

Choosing between travel trailer manufacturers can be an overwhelming task when you first start looking. There are so many brand names, makes and models it will make your head spin.

You will be overwhelmed with all the different styles and layouts of each model.

Most RV's are made for your comfort, with some just like being at home with all the appliances and extras.

But not all of them have the same options.

There are a few types that fit the minimalist with just enough space for sleeping and possibly cooking, but very little "living space."

These are meant for the true outdoors men and women.

The other end of the spectrum addresses the "glampers" or luxury glamour campers who just want to take their creature comforts on the road.

Let's figure out who makes the one that works for you.  The links that follow on this page will take you to more information (not to the manufacturer.)

Who Makes What?

coleman travel trailer doorway

There are the well-known manufacturers like Winnebago, Airstream, and Coleman, but there are also many smaller companies offering top quality products as well.

Makers of small travel trailers include Casita, Little Guy, and American Teardrop, to name a few.

Middle range travel trailer manufacturers like Lance Campers build truck campers, toy haulers, and various sizes of travel trailers.

Coleman has been building travel trailers and other camping products since the 1900's, so they know their stuff!

Coachmen, Dutchmen, and Jayco offer a range of styles in different sizes and types.

One of the older models but very popular in its day was the spaceship looking Avion. You might still see restored versions of this one.  To the unfamiliar, they might look similar to an Airstream.

The motor home manufacturers include Fleetwood, Winnebago, Country Coach, and Forest River, who also offer mid-range models as well as motor coaches.

Lesser-known makers include Tiffin Motorhomes, who produce the Allegro line of RVs.

Since not every manufacturer makes every type, it might make sense for you to think about what type of travel trailer fits your wants and needs, as well as your towing capacity before choosing a manufacturer. 

Be sure to check out the RV Styles page (left menu) if you need more information about all the types of travel trailers and RVs there are.

fleetwood tioga rv

What Type Fits You?

Let's try to look at the different styles and see which one is best for you and your needs.

Do you want a fifth-wheel, a pull-behind, or an RV to drive?

There are several questions of which you need to already have an answer to before you begin your search.  If you want to see information about these styles, look for the RV Styles menu item on the left.

Question 1: Do you know what type of RV camper you want?

  • Bumper Pull Campers
  • 5th Wheel RVs
  • Pop Up Campers
  • Hybrid Travel Trailers
  • Truck Tents.

Question 2: How much towing weight can your tow vehicle pull safely?

Question 3: How many people will sleep in your camper?

Question 4: How much can you pay for insurance?

Question 5: What is your spending budget for a travel trailer?

Question 6: Are you willing to put in the time and energy to maintain a second home?

Question 7: How much will your taxes increase due to owning an RV?

Question 8: Do you have an adequate space to park your RV when it is not being used? (check for deed restrictions and covenants)

Question 9: Do you want a new or used travel trailer?

Question 10: How much will you be using it during the year. If you don't plan to use it often, then renting one may be your best option.

Choose the RV manufacturer and research each one. This will give you a great start on making a decision about which camper you want to purchase.

You can search as many times as you would like. You can read and learn about any style as you want. (See our RV Styles page on the left menu.) There is no limit on your searches.

This may help you know a little more about what you are looking for in a travel trailer.

I must warn you, though... as soon as you choose the style you want, then you need to look through all the floor plans!  So many choices and decisions!

Which RV Style?

Browse through any of the brands and styles and find out more about each travel trailer manufacturer and the models they carry.

Each manufacturer makes different styles and models. Each of those have so many options to choose from.

Travel Trailer Manufacturers and RV Dealers

I like to go to the dealership closest to my hometown and just look around the sales lot at each one. Some I know I can't tow, but I like just looking at them. The options available will be displayed by each manufacturers design.

Aberdeen RV is one dealership I'm familiar with.

The dealership may only carry one brand, but may have others that have been traded in of a different brand. Ask your salesman to show you all the different brands they have available.

You could tell them you are just looking around and they will not bother you or try to sell you anything. Be sure, if you find one you are interested in, to ask about it and the features it has.

Your salesman may even have some information brochures on other models or brands that interest you.

They may even find the kind of travel trailer you are looking for and have it shipped to their dealership for you to pick up,

or order directly from the travel trailer manufacturer.

You would need to ask about their policy on that.

Good luck picking out your RV, and better yet, best wishes on your RV camping adventures to come!