Travel Trailer Tips To Help You Have The Best Camping Experience

Travel trailer tips from other savvy camping folks can save you countless hours of trying to remember everything you need to do or not to do.

We want to give you a few things to ponder as you are preparing for a camping trip or even if you are already a seasoned camper.

You may or may not know some of these tips, but hopefully they will become part of your "thinking safety".

We have a list of things that you would not normally think of if you are just starting out as a camper.

These travel trailer tips are something everyone should know.

Travel trailer tips are just learned experiences from one camping family to another, like you.

If you know of anything you have learned, we would love to hear about them and post them along with these.

Here they are:

  • Use a good detailed rv camping check list. You will always forget something every trip.

    Even with a checklist, I still forget to bring some little something. I would think that is the top travel trailer tip.
  • Walk around the camper once you get it hooked up for towing and do a light check. Make sure you have brake lights, tail lights and turn signals that work.

    It is so important to be able to communicate with others on the road and you do that by being seen. Your lights tell others what you plan to do and which way you plan to turn.
  • Before leaving, be sure to check your tire pressure. The amount of weight you load in your camper will affect your tire pressure and the way your camper pulls.

    Be sure to accommodate for the load each trip. Keep a tire pressure gauge in your camper and handy to grab as a precaution.
  • Make sure your antenna is in the down position. You don't want to snag it on a low hanging tree limb and break it off or bend it.

    It is easy to forget about that simple device. That is one of the best RV tips, also.
  • Check your roof vents. Sometimes you open them when it is not being used, so be sure to check them and close them. They will also get hung on low hanging tree limbs.
  • Walk around the outside of your RV and check your storage bins to be sure they are closed. You are in and out of them while packing and sometimes forget to lock them with the closure lock. Pull up on them to be sure they don't open.
  • Check all your doors inside to make sure they are latched firmly, also. You don't want to fill those cabinets up when packing for a great camping trip only to find when you get there everything is on the floor.

    It only takes a few moments of your time to just give them a little tug to make sure they are securely latched. This is one travel trailer tip you will not forget the next time, if you overlook it!

  • Oh, this travel trailer tip is important! Watch those bridge heights! Some low bridges can rip the roof right off your camper.

    It should be posted on the bridge the height from the street to the bottom of the bridge. Know how tall your camper is at the highest point then you will know if it is safe to go under it.

    I have not seen a camper top peeled back, but I have seen a U-Haul truck top that was severely damaged from trying to go under a bridge on a side street in the middle of town.
  • If you have a vehicle with you on the way to a campground and they are unfamiliar with the area or how to get there, get a good set of Family Radio Service (FRS) walkie-talkies.

    You can communicate with each other and the one ahead of the camper can alert you to any problems they see. This RV tip is great for hiking too, or just about anytime you could be separated from each other.
  • If you pull a vehicle behind your motor coach, unhitch the tow vehicle before trying to back up into any parking spot. The towed vehicle will not back very well and you can't see it until it is sideways enough to be in your mirror's view.

    It is not hard to unhitch it, park where you need to and release it. You will be glad you did. The campers that tow vehicles will appreciate this RV tip!
  • A good surge protector will keep your RV camper or Motorhome protected from electrical surges. You can connect one between your electrical box and your electrical cord. It will protect your valuable appliances and keep the hazzard of sparks from happening.

Water Tips

  • A good water filter hooked to your water supply will be greatly appreciated when you need a good drink of water. Sometimes the water at a campground has a "funny" taste, and a water filter will give you a crystal clear glass of water that is refreshing.
  • It is a good idea to let the water outlet run for a few minutes before attaching your hose to your camper. This will get any rust out of the line and keep it from depositing in your camper lines.

    Adding a water filter inside your hose hook-up end is also a great protector for trapping all those unwanted particles coming out of the water.
  • Save water from filling up your gray water tank by wiping your dishes off before you wash them. You will not use as much water to get them clean.

    We use paper plates and clean up is easy when all you have to do is throw them in the fire. It saves on your garbage pile up, also.
  • When showering in the camper, use the on/off feature on your shower sprayer. This keeps the water from running all the time. Turn the switch off when soaping up or washing your hair and turn it back on to rinse off. Your gray water tank can fill up quickly when showering.
  • If your camper has an outdoor shower, you will love this travel trailer tip.

    Use that to rinse off your feet or hands or even your dishes instead of using the inside water. It is a great way to keep the gray water level down.
  • Your RV awning needs to be rolled up if high winds are blowing. It doesn't take but a few minutes of your time to roll it in, but will take much more time and money to replace one.

    Your awning is one of the most used accessories on your camper. You probably use it more than you think and it would be greatly missed if you did not have it anymore.

    Winds will tear your awning and tree limbs may fall on it.

    It is best to be safe than sorry.
  • Carry a small step ladder so you can climb up and see the top of your camper for a visual inspection. You can also use it to trim limbs that hang down over your camper.

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