What Is An RV?
Let's Get A Better Look At Them

What is an RV? You have to know some things about camper styles before you know which one you want. RV's are looked at as types of temporary living homes.

They are used for traveling, camping, sightseeing, recreation and yes, some people do live in them. As you look at RV's you will notice a variety of styles, types, sizes, brands and prices.

It is well advised to do your research on RV's before you start buying one.

There are so many different makes of them.

You may be the type of person that just goes from lot to lot looking at them until you decide on the one that you like best.

That's okay!

An RV is a Major Investment

You will be investing in a major purchase and you will want one you will be happy with.

Starting at about $3000 and going to well over $1,000,000, I would suggest having a price range in mind before looking. That way you won't overspend and waste your time looking at "out of my range" campers.

There are so many different styles of RV's available to choose from. You can get one either motorized or towable. The motorized RVs are driven like a car, built with a motor and transmission.

These are usually very fancy, big, loaded with luxuries and expensive. You would have to pull a separate vehicle behind a motor home to have a way to get around while camping.

Motorized RVs come in several types. There is Type A, Type B and Type C. We will look at each one of these in more detail on the RV Styles Page. There you will read about each style and type of RV.

The towable RVs are hitched to the back of a vehicle and pulled where you want them. You have the freedom with these to park your RV where you want it, unhitch from your vehicle, and drive away from the camper. You do have a way to move around the campsite or go sightseeing and leaving your camper there.

The many varieties of towable RVs include: fold down campers, bumper pull campers, fifth wheel campers, hybrid campers, toy hauler campers and truck campers.

Each of these are distinct in their own way and might be useful for your specific needs. What is an RV for if not loving the outdoors and wanting to be in the wooded areas, but with some comfort. If you like that, then an RV is for you.

There is tent camping, which is easier to take with you in a small space, easy to set up, lightweight but lack comfort and all the needed necessities.

You can learn all about "what is an RV" in Mark Polk's book called RV Education 101, The RV Book.

The links below will take you to a different page on each RV style you want to read about.

You can find more in depth information about each one before buying the best RV for your needs. 

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