Arizona State Parks With Campgrounds Offer All You Are Looking For

There are many Arizona State Parks. If traveling through with a travel trailer, you will want one with an RV campground. There are several in this beautiful state.

I have broken them down by regions. You may need to call ahead to ensure an open site before you begin your route.

A reservation is always the best to lock in your site, but sometimes, there are openings that are not available for reservation.

If you plan to travel in Arizona, this State is a very dry State.

It doesn't get a lot of rain, so some of the campgrounds are limited on burning firewood.

Take note of the rules and regulations of the campground and be sure to obey them.

Arizona State Parks with RV Campgrounds - South

  • Catalina State Park 
  • (520) 628-5798
  • 125 campsites, hiking, corrals for horses
  • Charcoal and propane fires only, wood campfires NOT allowed

  • Kartchner Caverns State Park

    (520) 586-2283

    60 campsites - cave tours

    Propane only

  • Smoking in camp area or vehicle, no smoking while hiking

  • Lost Dutchman State Park
  • (480) 982-4485
  • 70 campsites, hiking
  • Charcoal and propane fires only, wood campfires NOT allowed, no smoking while hiking

  • Patagonia Lake State Park
  • (520) 287-6965
  • 107 campsites, boats to rent, fishing, beach
  • Campfires ok in designated grills, must provide own firewood, no gathering or cutting on park property
  • Smoking in camp areas only, no smoking while hiking

  • Picacho Peak State Park
  • (520) 466-3183
  • 85 campsites - fantastic walking trails. No smoking while hiking

  • Roper Lake State Park

    (928) 428-6760

  • 71 campsites - hot tub, fishing
  • Campfires and smoking restricted to developed areas only, no smoking while hiking

  • Arizona State Parks with RV Campgrounds - West

    Alamo Lake State Park 

    (928) 669-2088 - 250

    Campsites, excellent bass fishing, waterskiing, swimming

    Campfires and smoking in designed areas only

    Buckskin Mountain State Park & River Island

    (928) 667-3231

  • 126 campsites, water sports, cabanas, beach
  • Campfires in designated grills, no smoking while hiking

  • Cattail Cove State Park
  • (928) 855-1223
  • 61 campsites.
  • No wood fires, charcoal for cooking within a campsite or on a grill on the beach
  • Smoking - campsites and beach only

  • Lake Havasu State Park

  • (928) 855-2784
  • 47 campsites - boat launches, great park areas and swimming beach
  • Campfires in fire-rings call for details, smoking in camp areas, no smoking while hiking
  • Arizona State Parks with RV Campgrounds - North

    Dead Horse Ranch State Park

    (928) 634-5283 Cottonwood

    150 campsites - fishing, boating (non-motorized), hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, guided trail rides

    Campfires in designated fire rings.

    Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

    (928) 537-3680

    92 hookup sites, 31 campsites, great fishing and swimming

    Fire restrictions during windy days. Call ahead regarding campfires

    Lyman Lake State Park

    (928) 337-4441

    61 campsites & 4 yurts / 4 cabins, fishing, waterskiing

    Campfires in cement fire rings and smoking in vehicles

    No smoking while hiking.