Fifth Wheel Campers

What are fifth wheel campers? They are an awesome camper type that is easy to tow, easy to hitch and easy to operate.

You will find large slide outs (expandable rooms), great floor plans and light weight pulling.

With a 5th wheel camper, the turning radius is more adaptive to backing the camper because of the maneuverability you have.

Be careful not to jackknife the camper.

It is easily done.

Watch your wheels to pad space for clearance.

Since this RV is taller, watch for low hanging limbs.

You don't want to damage your air conditioner.

With a taller frame on the fifth wheel camper, you have more living square footage inside.

The cabinets are taller giving more storage space.

The outer storage compartments are roomier. This RV style is easily hitched and unhitched. Just back it up into the jaws and lock it in. You are set to go. Be sure to attach the brake cable and plug in the electrical outlet!

A single person can set it up by himself. With a more stable towing advantage, your load distribution adds to the ease of pulling this camper.

Most of the weight of the camper is at the fifth wheel towing hitch. This relieves the bumper from a lot of weight. The hitch is mounted in the bed of the pickup and the 5th wheel camper is hooked into a pivot and locked in.

The hitch is bulky and heavy and will need to be removed from the pickup bed if the full bed is needed for other uses.

A bumper hitch is stationary and does not need to be removed to use the bed of the truck.

What About The Cost and Size
of a Fifth Wheel Camper?

The cost and size of a 5th wheel camper is somewhat comparable to a bumper pull. Check with your dealer for pricing and weights of these campers.

Also, make sure your truck is capable of towing a camper of this size and weight.

If you are in the market for a used fifth wheel camper, a dealership can offer great prices on them. Be sure to ask if any repairs had to be made to sell the camper.

If you decide to buy from an individual, you will need to inspect the camper yourself for hidden damage.

Do you know what to look for or where to look? If you are like most people you don't.

You can get plenty of information on how to inspect a camper, which can be a great thing to have.

It will show you what to look for and how to access the damages to save you from buying a great looking camper with hidden problems.

This book may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just a few bucks.

You will enjoy the inside lay out of the camper. You have more room due to the bed being above the hitch itself and not on the floor.

It is well arranged, space wise and load distribution wise.

This is a great camper if you want better maneuverability, ease of towing, more space, taller floor to ceiling room, more storage area and a separate bedroom.

What Are the Pros and Cons
of Fifth Wheel Campers?

    Fifth Wheel RV Pros
  • Easier and safer to tow than travel trailers, but requires more caution and skill than motor homes.
  • Easier to back up than travel trailers.
  • Spacious, open floor plans suitable for fulltimers.
  • Provides more interior space per length foot than motor homes because it does not contain driving and engine compartments.
  • Most storage space of all trailer type RV's.
  • Tow vehicle doubles as local transportation.
  • Fifth Wheel RV Cons

  • Requires a truck with fifth wheel hitch in bed.
  • Large trailers require large, medium duty trucks.
  • Driving and living compartments are separate. Living area inaccessible while moving.
  • Generally cannot tow vehicle behind trailer.


  • Larger models can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • On tall models top clearance can be a problem under low branches and structures. Problem compounded if carrying items on roof such as canoes.
  • Most models require large storage area when not in use.

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