A Homemade Truck Camper Is Possible With A Little Imagination

Making a homemade truck camper can surely be a challenge, but it can be done. There is so much to consider when wanting to start building. One thing to begin with is a layout.

Decide how you want your camper to look. Finding a truck topper is your next step. The taller ones will give you some extra storage and head room.

The shorter flat ones will serve the purpose but you will lose the space.

Ask yourself a few questions before you begin.

What are my needs in a truck camper?

How much storage will I need?

How much money do I have budgeted for the build?

How many people will use the camper?

What weather will I be camping in?

How far do I need to travel to get to my camping site?

Do I have a way to use battery power?

What will I need for food preservation?

These questions I hope will get your mind rolling. There is a lot to thing about and how to implement your plan to DIY your homemade truck camper.

Using a fiberglass topper will help keep the weight down. They are easy to install and fasten. Any premade storage units can be attached to the inside of the bed. That may save you some money and some time.

An inflatable mattress or sleeping pad can be taken down after use. Again, more room saved. Curtains for the windows can be made from pillow cases or towels.

A cooler with wheels will make rearranging easier and simpler. You can use the cooler top for a seat or eating table, also. A 12 volt mini fridge is very compact and only requires to be plugged in the cigar lighter in the truck.

In fact, 12 volt appliances can be used and are not as bulky as regular 110 appliances. If your truck has a rear sliding glass in it, you can have access to the back seat for use as a storage compartment.

Reaching the plug will be easier and you have an easy reach to your extra items. Keeping bottled water is the best way to go. You can store it on the back floorboards.

Pack only the clothing you will need. Any extra will take up much needed space. You know how far you will travel and how long you will stay. There are laundromats available most places, so washing your clothing is not difficult.

truck bed NOT NOT THIS!

Your homemade truck camper is only as good as what you put into building it.

Take your time and check out all the possible use of space you have in your truck bed. Think about ways to have spaces serve more than one purpose.

A long bed will obviously allow you more room than a short bed truck, even though either one can work.

Using a little imagination and some ingenuity, you can have a great homemade truck camper to travel in.

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