Removable Bike Carrier

A removable bike carrier is easily attached to the back of your car, truck, roof or RV. It is a functional and easy way to travel with your bikes in tow.

There are different styles of carriers. Some attach to the body of the vehicle and some are carried by a hitch ball, depending on the size of your hitch receiver.

You will need to eliminate bike-to-bike contact when towing your bikes.

Finding one with padded arms ensures superior bike protection.

The narrower arms fit a wide variety of different frames and they hold all size and types of bikes.

Each tray is adjusted independently so you can carry bikes of any height or length.

A Removable Bike Carrier
can be stored in your trunk

Bike carrier on hitch with bike

It keeps your paint job looking pretty because it grabs onto your wheel and doesn't touch the painted surfaces of your bike. They fit most tire sizes, from super-skinny road tires to big bad 3 inchers.

The better ones have easy-to-reach knob control retention, adjustment and release. It's super-strong wheel tray can hold anything to monster freeride bikes.

Easy to adjust sliding wheel tray makes positioning the rear wheel a breeze and fits a wide range of bike lengths (except tandems and recumbents).

With a double-sided wheel strap, it fits on either side of your car. It also fits round and square crossbars.

With thick padded feet that protect your car and hubs that make folding the bike arms a snap, a good quality bike rack doesn't joke around when it comes to transporting bikes.

Installation is a snap.

The removable bike rack fits the broadest range of vehicles.

Folding arms make storage easy.

As opposed to folded arms on you, which make you look bored trying to travel with bicycles.

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