RV Refrigerator Repair

RV refrigerator repair, when needed, keeps your fridge going strong. Watching your temperature in the fridge will help you detect if it is functioning correctly. A lot of times, you don't think about it until it stops working.

With several different name brands and styles on the market, you may need to get out your User's Manual to find what is not working to make the necessary repairs.

Most refrigerators that are RV compatible operate the same way.

The parts will be different depending on your model.

You may even be able to get a previously owned if you shop around, but be cautious when making a large investment on it.

Some are tall, some are not. Some have a lot of interior room and some do not. Be sure you get one the size you need if you have to replace it.

When you are plugged into electricity, the refrigerator runs on electricity. When you are not plugged in, the LP Gas runs it. How cool is that?

One thing to know about RV refrigerator repairs is that they are EXPENSIVE! Please take extra precautions with the care of the one you have. Replacing it will just about break your bank account.

If you do have to replace it, shop around before you make a purchase. You can find a few on "clearance sale" if you look for it. You also may be able to find one that was slightly damaged in shipping. A little ding in the door may knock off a few hundred dollars from the price.

Make sure the replacement is the same size as the one you are replacing. It fits in a precut hole in the wall, so the one that you choose needs to fit that same measurement. Use the old saying, "Measure twice, cut once". That is better than the other old saying I do of "Measure once, cut twice".

There are many different kinds and brands to consider. This one will hold quite a few groceries.

Roomy models are user friendly, with an easy-to-see and operate LCD control panel at eye level.  A superior cooling unit gives you better performance, durability and longer life.

With built-in diagnostics, it makes service faster and more efficient. Enjoy the peace of mind of a solid warranty. This is a beauty in Stainless Steel. SideWise is the first RV  refrigerator that automatically maintains the correct cooling temperature, regardless of outside temperatures, plus, it's the first and only RV refrigerator with true auto defrost.
Fan-assisted climate control distributes cold air over, under and around food to help preserve taste, texture and freshness.

Vacuum-insulated panels increase door storage and energy efficiency while maintaining interior temperature.

Automatic front-frame heater warms the solid steel frame to proper temps.

So, you see two kinds here.

You can see many different varieties of makes and models.

The size will need to be a factor when purchasing one. Measure your opening twice and know how your set up is. These will be important when ordering one for your RV.

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