Teardrop Campers for Easy Towing

Looking at teardrop campers, you might feel as if you have gone back to a time with fuzzy neon rugs and puffy hair, or even farther back.

Establishing their popularity in the 1930s, teardrop camping trailers were an easy to tow, light weight, fuel efficient way to travel.

This streamlined, compact camper for two remained popular until the 1960s. 

They were then overshadowed when bigger family-style camping trailers became popular.

The teardrop camping trailers disappeared for a while until their reemergence in the late 1990’s thanks to the power of the Internet.

Teardrop travel trailers are currently growing in popularity throughout the United States as well as in Europe, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

There are organized camping outings around the world for people with teardrop trailers known as “gatherings”. These little pear-shaped tear drop style trailers are surprisingly accommodating and comfortable!

a teardrop camper

Most teardrop campers are equipped with the following features:

  • a mini fridge
  • cabinets
  • a roof vent
  • a rear galley
  • a rear hatch
  • a payload platform for extra cargo
  • linoleum flooring
  • carpeted sidewalls with a vinyl clad headliner. 

Most trailers are finished with a fiberglass shell. A typical tear drop camper trailer is between 4 and 6 feet wide, 8 and ten feet long and 4 to five feet high. These trailers tend to weigh less than 1000 pounds ,which makes them easy and cheap to tow with just about any vehicle.

There are many larger companies currently racing to re-engineer and modernize the teardrop style travel trailers. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their tow-ability. 

A couple with a small car , such as a P.T. Cruiser, could travel far with one of these little campers. The teardrop trailers are geared towards those seeking adventures outdoors who only need shelter for sleeping.  They're also perfect for the minimalists among us.

Easy Cooking Too

teardrop camper graphic

The rear galleys are a wonderful feature unique to these trailers. The rear galley is the back of the trailer where a hatch is lifted to reveal a strategic and efficient set up.

The galley typically includes a sink with a water faucet, a mini fridge or cooler storage area, a preparation table and racks for supplies storage. This feature makes a camping cookout effortless!

The simple and functional design of teardrop campers make pleasing camping fans very easy. There are many different styles and features offered by different companies.

Serious campers even have the option to have a customized teardrop trailer built to fit their personal desires.

Glenn, owner and mastermind of Hickory Nut Campers,  spends his days customizing wooden trailers for people to enjoy. “This is a business and a hobby for me, and I love it”, he claims.  And many love his useful creations.

Along with the smaller custom companies, there are many bigger, more well-known companies that manufacture teardrop trailers on a much wider scale, such as : 

CampInn, Little Guy Travel Trailers, American Teardrop Trailers, Cozy Cruiser Campers and many others. 

Travel trailers are also often found for sale on internet sites such as Ebay, Craigslist and Amazon.

With prices ranging from  $3,000 to $30,000, there are teardrop trailer options for everyone!

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