Trailer Towing Mirrors:
Essential Safety Equipment

Trailer towing mirrors come in many different sizes, shapes and lengths. Whatever type you choose is fine, just don't choose to do without.

You can get some extensions for the factory installed mirrors on your vehicle. Your travel trailer dealer will have the ones you will need.

If they are not in stock, they can order them for you.

The extensions are easy to put on and take off.

Find the correct size, slip them over the existing mirrors and tighten them down.

These are secured around the casing and will not fall off or blow off (if installed correctly).

Always check the tension as part of the normal hitching check you do whenever you make a stop.

Another option is the expandable trailer towing mirrors. These can be pulled out for towing and pushed in for normal driving. They come standard on some models.

If you want the expandable mirrors, check with your vehicle dealer to see if they are available for the model truck you have. An auto body shop or camper dealer can install them for you.

tow mirrors

Why You Need Towing Mirrors

The trailer towing mirrors serve several purposes. You need them for driving, backing up the RV camper and checking the road clearances.

If you can't see the traffic behind your travel trailer, your mirrors are not extended enough.  And if the traffic behind you cannot see your mirrors, they are invisible to you.

This is a safety feature you don't want to overlook.

The obvious purpose is backing up your camper. You need to be able to see all the way to the back of the camper. The view you have should cover several feet on either side of the travel trailer.

The road clearance while towing is determined by your view of the road on either side of the camper. It is important to monitor the space all around you for a safe trip whether around the corner or around the state.

a type of towing mirror
add-on towing mirror

There are different types of towing mirrors. Some are designed specifically for your type of vehicle and some are universal, which means they adapt to any vehicle mirror.

If at all possible, purchase a towing mirror made for your vehicle. They have the best fit and will stay on more securely. Wind pressure on the mirrors can cause them to fly off if not secured.

The universal towing mirrors work very well, but they do loosen up as you travel.

You need to check them when you stop for a fill up on gas or rest stop.

Check the straps to make sure they are tight.

Either one you choose will need to be extended to see the full length of the camper and the road on both sides of the camper.

A good trailer towing mirror will last for many years. Keep them out of the sun when not in use. Storing them in a box will keep them from getting a broken glass or the body cracked when shuffling things around in your storage bin.


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