Dinghy Towing - Bringing Along A Driving Vehicle Behind Your Motorhome

Thinking of dinghy towing? The choice of tow vehicles is a small, compact car or truck. Choosing a light weight vehicle is best.

The best tow vehicle is the one which can be towed with all four wheels on the ground, is relatively lightweight and does not record the mileage towed (with the driveshaft disconnected). 

A Jeep towed with all wheels down is simple to do. 

A Jeep is lighter, which means less wear and tear on the RV towing hitch.

Check out what these show:

MotorHome Magazine gives you a list of towable small trucks and SUVs, which is updated annually in their January/February issue (and online, also). You can also find a list of vehicles towed in previous years there too.

These vehicles are factory approved by their manufacturers for towing behind a motor home. Some vehicles require special procedures to be followed, including speed limits and distance.

Trailer Life Magazine gives an annual factory tow rating for trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and cars. You can find the updated tow rating for the year 1999 to the current model year. To tow ratings prior to 1999, you get accurate data from them directly.

RV Travel's Blog gives you several towing vehicle guides, listing the towing limits for the most up to date makes and models.

Most vehicles that are not approved by the manufacturer for towing on four wheels can still be pulled using a variety of devices.

Check with an RV dealer as to what their recommendation would be for the vehicle you want to tow.

According to the towing experts at Remco Towing: You can tow any of the front wheel drive vehicles with a manual transmission as far as you want.

Most vehicles are not classified by their makers as suitable for towing because of concerns about damage to the automatic transmissions.

If a vehicle is not included in this guide, then it’s not officially approved for dinghy towing.

Another very important consideration is the towing capacity of the motor home chassis.

As an extra precaution, you might want to check with your dealership or mechanic shop about the procedure to tow any vehicle.

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