Travel Trailer Sleeping In Your Camper Can Be As Comfortable As Home

Travel trailer sleeping? Can you actually rest comfortably in a travel trailer? Well, sure you can. You have a bed just like home whether it be twin, full or queen.

The mattress is comfortable even for a camper. You will find the layout and space to be quite smaller, but a great night's rest is possible, maybe even better than home.

Just imagine laying in your camper bed and listening to the water slapping up against the bank,

or barges going through the water making that faint hummmmmm as they go by.

You may even hear a wolf or maybe an owl.

Sometimes you can hear crickets chirping.

Maybe even frogs croaking.

Travel trailer sleeping is filled with mystery and peace. All you have to do is listen.

How about those raindrops? You can feel one with nature outside of your home. Your camper does offer protection from wildlife and weather. You are able to lock your camper door at night.

When you wake in the morning, you can smell breakfast cooking all over the campground from those early risers. It smells sooooooo good. Just like home!

My husband is the open pit campfire cooker. He cooks our breakfast in an iron skillet right on the fire pit. Bacon and eggs! Thanks, honey!

You can use blankets from home on your beds in the camper and you might not notice the difference.

Even In a Tent?

You will need a pad or a camping mattress if you camp in a tent. Be sure you keep an inflation pump on hand to blow it up. You will be glad you did!!

And if you put an inflatable mattress on a cot, it's just like a bed. I have one that folds up and fits in a carry bag, and a Coleman slim single mattress. Along with the must-have pump that was less than $10. Very handy!

Relaxing So Close To Nature

Sometimes if the stars are out, you may want to gather up some blankets and go to an open area and just look up. Take your binoculars with you and you will be amazed at the clearness of the sky.

You can take a blanket out to the beach and have a picnic. Spread it out on the sand and lay out your food. A picnic is a great way to spend quality time with your family.

Be sure to choose food that will not ruin or melt in the heat. I love picnics and so does our family.

My husband loves astronomy and the study of the heavens and the stars and planets. We lay and gaze for hours. He can tell you what every cluster of stars there are up there and where they are.

Take a book on astronomy along with you and maybe you will learn something about them.

The damp air will settle on you before you know it, so don't stay out in the open air too long. You may catch a cold.

Another way to get in a good nap is sleeping on a hammock in the open air.

Some of the best naps sneak up on you when you are relaxed and still, enjoying being close to nature. Try it, you will like it!!

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