Biking Trail Adventures

A biking trail is one of the best places to ride or walk when camping. When you are close to nature and the wildlife of creation, you begin to see how beautiful things are.

You will get plenty of exercise, tone up your muscles, get some fresh air, see beautiful wildflowers, observe the splendor of the tallest trees.

Just watch out for fast moving bikes if you choose to walk!

If you are into outdoor photography, you will want to comb through every inch of the pathway.

You will be astonished at the beauty at every turn.

These are great for riding your bicycle.

Most of the path is cleared off.

You may have a few limbs or rocks on the path, so be careful and watch carefully.

Some biking trails are paved and some are gravel. You may even find some that are just a beaten path. Any way it is formed, you will be sure to enjoy the walk or ride.

There are some supplies you can take with you when you go walking. Be sure to bring some water, especially if the weather is hot. Using a Hydropack will keep your hands free.

You could easily get dehydrated if you stay out very long. Carrying a backpack will give you room to bring along some first aid supplies and maybe a picnic lunch.

You can put many things in a backpack, including your camera. I'm sure you will want to take plenty of photos. Some nature you find will just beg to be photographed.

You can get just about any size hydropack for your needs. They hold as much water as you want to take. Be sure to purchase one that has a tank for the amount of water you will need.

When you take your pictures, please send them to us. We would love to see them. Fill out the form and send it on. We will put your story and pictures live on our site so you can share it with everyone.

Remember when riding on the biking trails, there are lots of plants and pretty flowers along the way.

Don't pick them!!

Some may be poisonous and fatal to you.

Poison Ivy will cause blisters on your skin and it will itch.

Stay on the path designated for riding or walking on.

Be sure you wash your hands and use hand sanitizer if you do touch any plants in the wooded areas.

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