Camper Awnings aka Roll Out Cover aka Patio Covering aka Shade!

Camper awnings are an optional travel trailer accessory that is worth the extra for. Sitting out under the shade in the heat of the day is so relaxing.The same goes for RV awnings, of course.

You will enjoy the cool breeze that seems to be attracted to you when sitting under it. It not only blocks off the sun's heat, but it protects you when it is raining. You have a big, giant umbrella to sit under.

It also keeps tree leaves, acorns, pine needles and small twigs from hitting you and getting under your feet. Children can sit under it and play without getting too hot.

An RV awning also serves as a storage area for all your outdoor things.

Just move your chairs and things under there when you are going to be gone for a few hours and it will stay dry and protected when those afternoon thunder boomers come around.

They come in different styles.

Types of Camper Awnings

Hand Cranked

There are those that are hand cranked by a rod. They are good to have and easy to operate.


Then you have the style that you pull out manually. These are fairly cumbersome. They require 2 people to keep it straight when pulling it out and rolling it up.

camper awning arms


Then there's the electric one. That is the nicest to have. All you do is push a button and it extends and retracts without you having to do anything else.

It can be rolled out as far from the camper you want it or as close to the camper as you want it. The arms are adjustable on all styles so you can lower one end for rain run-off.

You will not regret getting one of these. There are so many uses for it. Not to mention the homey feel, kind of like a porch. It is very versatile and yet elegant as they are different colors that add a touch of color.

RV Awning Care

RV awning care can be one of the most difficult tasks of your travel trailer. They are also one of the greatest features on your camper. Your camper may have one or several awnings on it.

These tips will provide you with shelter from the rain and sun for many years.

They also expand your RV living space, giving you a comfortable space to sit outside. An awning will protect your camping gear, and you can store chairs and necessities under it.

They are designed to bring years of functionality to aid in the fun of camping.

Caring for your awning also includes keeping it clean and debris free. If you have an awning that is manual, which means you pull it out by hand, you can lower it as low as you want to.

Always sweep off the leaves and tree debris before you roll it up. If you don't, it may have some holes or tears in it.

RV Awning Care for the Fabric

The fabrics used on camper awnings is made from vinyl or acrylic. Some have weather guards made from aluminum or vinyl which protect your awning when you have it rolled up.

RV awning care demands keeping mildew or stains cleaned off. Use a soft brush and a mild detergent mixed with water and softly brush the stained areas and rinse with clear water until the soapy mixture is off.

Never use oil based or any kind of abrasive cleaners. There are awning cleaners on the market which you can buy that do work very well. Please be sure to read and follow the manufacturer directions.

Allow the awning to dry completely before you roll it up. If you have to roll it up wet, be sure to unroll it as soon as possible on a good warm sunny day to let it air dry. Both the top and bottom needs to be completely dry before rolling it back up.

The braces for the awning need to be checked periodically for wear. Make sure they are tightly screwed into the wall side and into the awning railings.

If they are not tight, any wind blowing can cause them to bend. If the roller tube is warped, it will not roll up correctly and can cause damage to the awning.

If winds or gusts begin to blow, be sure to use tie downs to anchor the awning to the ground so it will stay steady and secure. Winds can damage or twist the rails.

rv awning

Repairing Camper Awnings is Easy

RV awning fabric should be made out of durable vinyl which will last you a long time and give you lots of functionality.

I did an E-interview with a company that has a reputable business about their awning material. I would like to share with you the questions and answers from that E-interview. The company is RV Awnings Mart.

They were very responsive and helpful to provide this information for all of us. I feel they can provide for any need you have for RV awning fabric.

1. What are your awning fabrics made of?

Our awning fabric is made of a very durable vinyl fabric. Our house brand "Sun Wave" awning replacement fabric is made of durable 15 oz. vinyl with heavy duty 1000 denier weatherguard.

The two pieces are electronically welded (not sewn) together. Tensile strength is 140 lbs per inch, the strongest one in the market.

In comparison to branded awning fabric (made of 11 oz. - 13 oz. vinyl), you can see and feel the difference immediately.

All our universal awning hardware is made of stainless steel. They are three times stronger than big brand parts.

2. Are they weather fade resistant?

The material we use is fade, and mildew resistant, along with having a flame retardent in it.

3.When a tear is made, does it keep running?

If a tear is made it will not initially continue to run. This also depends on where the tear occurs on the fabric and how it is addressed.

4. What is the puncture psi?

The puncture psi is 140 lbs.

5. Can I get fabric cut to my specs?

We do not custom make any of our fabrics.

6. How does this fabric compare to OEM?

Our fabric is stronger and more durable than that currently used by the OEMs.

7. Do you offer different patterns?

Our available patterns are three different colored fades and two stripe patterns. By the end of November we will have a total of 5 different fades.

8. What is the warranty?

We offer a two year warranty on our fabrics.

9. How do you work with a warranty claim?

To obtain any warranty on our product the original invoice with proof of purchase is required. The invoice is always shipped with the product.

10.What is your business phone for placing orders?

Our phone number is (574) 326-3051, and our website is called RVAwningsMart.

As you can see, it is not hard to find quality RV awning fabric.

Whether you are wanting to just change the color or replace it because of needed repairs, RV Awnings Mart can fix you up.

Thank you RVAwningsMart!

Camper Awnings Reminders

If it looks as if the weather will be severe, roll up the awning.

It is always easier to take precautionary measures to use RV awning care than to repair or even replace it.

The good news is the awnings on your RV can and will provide many years of reliable trouble-free operation, if we take the time to properly care for and maintain our RV awnings.

RV Awning Care for a Motorized Canopy

For mechanical or folding type awning arms, check your owner manual to see if they might need occasional lubrication to keep them moving smoothly. This is important if you have a motorized awning.

Also, check the tracks for rust and debris to keep them sliding smoothly.

camper awning

Travel trailer owners should know the following about awnings:

1. Function and Benefits: Awnings extend from the side of your travel trailer to provide shade, protection from the elements, and additional outdoor living space. They can keep the interior of your trailer cooler by blocking direct sunlight and can also shield you from rain, creating a comfortable outdoor area.

2. Types of Awnings: There are different types of awnings available for travel trailers, including manual, electric, and retractable awnings. Manual awnings require manual setup and adjustment, whereas electric awnings can be extended and retracted with the push of a button. Retractable awnings offer the flexibility to adjust the coverage area and angle based on your needs.

3. Installation and Maintenance: Proper installation is important, so follow the manufacturer's instructions or consider professional installation. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the awning fabric, ensuring the awning arms and mechanism are lubricated, and inspecting for any damage or wear.

4. Weather Considerations: While awnings provide shelter, they are not designed to withstand heavy winds or storms. It's crucial to retract the awning during inclement weather to prevent damage. Also, be mindful of debris or water pooling on the awning, as excessive weight can cause problems, the worst of which would be a collapse on people.

5. Care and Storage: When not in use, retract or stow the awning properly to avoid damage from wind or other impacts. Ensure the awning fabric is dry before storage to prevent mold or mildew growth. Additionally, consider using an awning cover or storage bag to protect the awning while traveling, if appropriate.

camper awning lights

6. Accessories: There are various accessories available for awnings, such as sunscreens, privacy screens, and LED lights. These can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space and provide additional privacy or lighting options. Accessories such as these can help your campsite stand out from the rest to make it easier to find when you return from your camping adventures.

Remember to consult the specific instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your travel trailer's awning. Proper usage, maintenance, and awareness of weather conditions will help extend the lifespan and enjoyment of your awning.

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