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Camper awnings are an optional travel trailer accessory that is worth the extra for. Sitting out under the shade in the heat of the day is so relaxing.

You will enjoy the cool breeze that seems to be attracted to you when sitting under it. It not only blocks off the sun's heat, but it protects you when it is raining. You have a big, giant umbrella to sit under.

It also keeps tree leaves, acorns, pine needles and small twigs from hitting you and getting under your feet. Children can sit under it and play without getting too hot.

An RV awning also serves as a storage area for all your outdoor things.

Just move your chairs and things under there when you are going to be gone for a few hours and it will stay dry and protected when those afternoon thunder boomers come around.

They come in different styles.

Types of Camper Awnings

Hand Cranked

There are those that are hand cranked by a rod. They are good to have and easy to operate.


Then you have the style that you pull out manually. These are fairly cumbersome. They require 2 people to keep it straight when pulling it out and rolling it up.


Then there's the electric one. That is the nicest to have. All you do is push a button and it extends and retracts without you having to do anything else.

It can be rolled out as far from the camper you want it or as close to the camper as you want it. The arms are adjustable on all styles so you can lower one end for rain run-off.

You will not regret getting one of these. There are so many uses for it. Not to mention the homey feel, kind of like a porch. It is very versatile and yet elegant as they are different colors that add a touch of color.

You can also get String Lights, lanterns and decorative lights that hang around it that light up the whole area. Some are comical, sports related, state related, seasonal, animals and even tropical.

With these, your site is easier to find, too.

So you see, they have a multipurpose function. Have fun and stay cool and dry.

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