Camping With Kids - From Tots to Teens - They Have Fun And Make Forever Memories

Camping with kids is fun for the whole family.

We are all children at heart when it's time to go camping, but when your camping trip includes young children some extra planning and precautions will save you some worry.

First of all, if the kids are safe and having fun, chances are good that the adults will be, too.

The key to keeping the kids happy is making sure they have fun things to do, a little down time to rest, good food and good sleep.

Be sure to give them responsibilities for helping with meals and cleanup.

This gives them a chance to see everyone working together as well as having fun together. Take pictures of them in action, too.

Safety Precautions for Little Campers

Here are some tips to help you start thinking ahead about camping with children.

  • Teach children to stay within sight of older children, siblings, or adults. Teach them to stop and stay where they are if they realize they are lost. Tell them to find a nearby tree and stay with it until they are seen by someone.
  • Explain why it isn't safe to stash food or leave trash around camp. It's also a good idea to wash up after meals. (You don't want to attract wild animals to your campsite.)
  • Teach them to recognize and avoid Poison Ivy.
  • Don't forget the sunscreen!
  • Point out landmarks around the campground or campsite to help them easily find their way to and from activities, assuming they are old enough to go on their own.  Consider hanging unusual lanterns or a family flag at your site.
  • Use the buddy system. If you have more than one child, make a rule that no one is allowed to go anywhere alone.  They must always be with a buddy or two.  If you don't have enough kids of your own, have them invite a friend to go along on your family's camping adventure.
  • If they are old enough, children can carry a whistle around their neck to call for help when lost. The standard distress signal is three blows to indicate "I'm lost" or "I need help". Practice with them and talk about when to use it. 
  • Give each child a flashlight. Give each kid a lanyard with whistle and small flashlight. To avoid any confusion as to who has the flashlight, make sure that everyone has their own. Use permanent markers or choose different colors so there's no confusion later. Children love playing with flashlights, and having one makes them even more easily seen in the dark. Flashlights are also handy when making trips to the bathroom. Games can be played using flashlights, like making shadow puppets on a curtain or wall.

Packing for Camping

Sort and pack your children's clothing for each day in various small plastic bags in his or her duffel or suitcase. This will save on time in the morning getting them dressed.

You can also reuse the bags for dirty clothes after they take a shower.

You can find everything you can dream of for your kid and the fun that awaits for them. If you need kid's sleeping bags, you can get them at a low price at Walmart or order online.

Need kid's backpacks? You can find them in any Walmart, Sears, or online. Look in the camping section or in the school supply section. You will even find some in the ladies handbag area.

You will find a vast selection of colors, sizes, styles and uses. Camping with kids is just as fun to get ready for as all other camping stuff. Great prices with quality name brands are what you will find.

From our family's camping with kids tips needs to yours, we know all the needs of kids. We started out with nine of our own to taking grandchildren. We know where to find the good stuff.

Just for Kids

Did you think of camping with kids in tents?  Adults can be in separate quarters from the kids, if they are old enough, and the kids will love being in their own tent. (Just make sure you can see and hear them.)

You can find a great assortment of tents. There are name brand products such as Coleman, Columbia, Eureka, Kodiak and Kelty. With names like this, you will find these to be of high quality materials that will last for years.

What about kid's sunglasses? You will find any size, style and tints available. You will find these listed by ages, so you will be able to order the correct size for your tot all the way up to the teen ages. These are cool sunglasses and are very reasonable priced.

Camping chairs, first aid kits, kid's rain gear, hats & gloves, climbing gear, kid's clothing and much, much more are all found at any camping  or sporting goods store. 

Children will get colder than adults. The key to comfortable camping with kids is to dress them in several layers, which can be removed as it gets warmer during the day or added on, as the evening and night gets cool.

Use outdoor lanterns or flashlights to increase the safety of where your children are.

Using these camping with kids tips will help you keep them safe and have fun at the same time.

Teach your children when playing outdoors to treat nature with respect. This applies to plants, animals, and water, each of which can be dangerous in certain situations.

Ensure they put all paper and cans in the waste disposals when camping or hiking the trails.

Camping with kids is more fun when you bring their friend with them.

Two or more children have more fun, and then you have the buddy system for them.

They will not be alone and will have someone else to help them if needed.

Kids enjoy the fun they have with a friend. Also, take pictures so they can keep a scrapbook and show off their adventure at school. It is always fun to share things with friends.

We adults have other adults to talk to and share with. Don't forget about the kids.

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