Handicapped Camping Is Available
For Limited Mobility and Wheelchair Accessible

Let handicapped camping areas be an asset to your enjoying campground life. There are campsite pads available that are compatible for wheelchair use.

These pads are made wider than the others and are the closest to the restrooms and showers. There will be a designated sign painted on the pad to let you know it is a special pad.

The showers have at least one stall with an extra wide opening in the door area made especially for wheelchair use.

This shower is equipped with a seat for the convenience of sitting down.

There is an extra wide restroom door for disabled campers which gives mobility helps for those who need it, also.

With the freedom to get around and have the extra independence, anyone with a disability can go camping.

There are more than 40 million people with disabilities that  live in the United States.

Except for a small percentage, many of those do not travel as much as they'd like to because of the special arrangements and adjustments that need to be made prior to leaving home.

RVing is becoming a popular means of travel for disabled people  because you can get an RV custom designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

Some of these include wider aisles, shower accessibility and dashboard control systems for driving and handling the vehicle with hands and not legs. Yet, at some point, RVers will need to head to a campground.

Campgrounds are beginning to make the disabled RVer as comfortable as possible. Entrance and exit ramps are installed, sinks, toilets and showers are designed for easier access, and campground activities are beginning to offer events for those who are disabled.

Easier to Get Around

Most private and public RV campgrounds have more than one site for handicapped camping. Ask your park host about the campsites available to you. They want your stay at the campground to be an exciting one.

The path from the camping pad to the restroom is connected by a sidewalk. This makes a more secure stay.

Be sure to let the campground host know you have special needs and they will be available to help.

The roads around the campground are paved which allows the freedom of moving to different areas.

Most of the hiking trails are paved and are wide enough for wheelchairs which gives camping explorers the ease of enjoying the wild of nature.

You can have easy access to the restrooms.

There is a paved walkway from the handicapped camping site to them.

It is well lit at night for ease of moving from one place to the other.

You can read about the different rest areas on your way to your camping destination and also find valuable information if you plan to travel for long distances.

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