Full Time RVing
Retiring For Full-time Travel

Full time RVing is the term used for people who live in a travel trailer or RV full time.

This lifestyle is popular for those who are retired, those whose jobs relocate you or those who want to cut the cost of living by making the switch to living in an RV.

Construction or contract workers are typical full time RVers.

Sometimes people just want to get away from everyone and simplify their life.

There are a number of things to consider when thinking of making this move.

This is going to be your new dwelling place. You may or may not sell or rent your house.

If you do, you will need to make some decisions about your belongings. You can't possibly put everything you own in an RV and live in it too.

full time RVers

Preparing for Full Time RVing

You are going to have to part with a lot of stuff. You will also have to have a lot of different items that pertain to an RV and not a house. Most things are smaller and use less space. Your cooking equipment will be different.

A camper stove has a lot less room than a standard oven. You would have to cook smaller portions. The refrigerator is a lot smaller than your regular sized one. That means less space for food storage. Same for the freezer section.

There are many things to ponder when making the transition to full time RVing. Most retirees who love to camp and travel do use a camper as their residence. If you are dreaming of a full time RVing life, stop dreaming and take action!

I know some people who live in travel trailers and motorhomes and travel around as Evangelists. We know several people who are with Campers On Mission. They have come to our church and were a true blessing.

Some CONS to think about are insurance, getting around, getting older, being away from family, wear and tear on your RV, maintenance problems on the road, cost of gasoline or fees for campgrounds, parts availability, earning an income, sickness or health issues and downsizing your living space.

Some PROS to think about are traveling, exploring different states, getting to know new people, seeing the U.S.A. like never before, work away from a JOB, visiting new campgrounds, moving easily, always have your home with you and enjoying life.

I would have to think hard before full time RVing. I have family close to me and grandchildren I would miss very much.

If I had nothing holding me back, I would go. I love to go camping and visiting other campgrounds. I love the change of scenery of the seasons.

I could live in our camper.

It has everything in it to live a good life.

I would have to do some major house cleaning and have a lot of stuff to get rid of, but I could do it.

There are baby boomers that are even considering living in a travel trailer and travel the country..

Some college students see it as a way to keep the cost of living at a minimum.

Whatever your reason, you will have to consider the adjustments from what you are used to. Happy Camping or "Living".

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