Travel Trailer Accessories

Travel trailer accessories are extras for your RV or camper, but for some they may be necessary. Most of these are general things that are already included with your camper. You will find extra upgrades for your travel trailer or RV which include some nice accessories.

Let's look at some of the things that are considered "extras" that can make RV camping more enjoyable.

Your RV windows and treatments are standard, but you can get treatments that are a lot nicer and fancier.

Some RVs have those, what we call "cardboard curtains," and some have nicer fabric ones.

Another "accessory" that for some would be a necessity is an RV generator. Some to consider are the DuroStar, Generac, WEN, Briggs & Stratton, Champion and a Hyundai. There are others as well.

RV awnings are not standard on all RVs. They are certainly nice to have when it is raining. You can sit outside and stay dry. The covering offers protection for your belongings, also.  Awning fabrics are important, too.

RV tire covers are one of those travel trailer accessories that are actually a good investment. You can get them as separate or tandem style. Tire Covers protect tires from the weather and especially the sun rays.

When you are not using your RV and plan for it to sit for a while, you will want to put on an RV cover. This will protect it from the elements.

travel trailer antenna

You could upgrade your travel trailer antenna to an RV satellite dish, a luxury to have. If you like watching TV after the sun goes down, you will need one of these.

Let's see, an RV battery charger is a great accessory to have on hand. A portable outdoor power unit is convenient for phones, laptops, ipods or anything that needs a quick charge. There are so many camper gadgets that can make RV life more fun!

One thing you will need is a portable RV holding tank. You never know if you will get a site with a sewer hook-up. If you plan to stay a while, a portable tank is needed.

Travel Trailer Accessories Inside

camping air mattress

Some of these fun things do add up to extra cost, but they are well worth saving your nickels and dimes for.

You'll want to organize your kitchen with these kitchen accessories.

I love my RV central vacuum system. It is a really handy option to get. No need for a portable, bulky one. This is built in and is a "plus" in my book. If yours comes with one, you will love it!

Your RV mattress is standard, but you can get an upgraded one that is more like home, including a Memory Foam Mattress. Just get the proper size for your bed.

A camping air bed is another great item to have on hand. You never know when you may have unexpected company and with a self-inflating air bed tucked away, you are ready!

Along with the air bed, how about camping cots. They store away nicely and can be brought out and set up in a flash. You have got to have a handy lightweight cot that is easy to use.

Depending on your circumstances, you may even need to look at camping toilets.

Wow! Betcha didn't know there were so many travel trailer accessories to think about, didya? There are more......... How about an RV propane tank. It is nice to have one when you need it.

Top 11 List of Travel Trailer Accessories

Here's our list of must-know travel trailer accessories:

1. Portable Wi-Fi: Internet access is essential for many travelers. Portable Wi-Fi devices or RV-compatible signal boosters can ensure that you have reliable internet access on the go.

2. Surge Protector: This is crucial to protect the trailer's electrical system from damage caused by voltage spikes when it's plugged into campground electrical sources.

3. RV GPS: This device is specially developed for large vehicles. It avoids low bridges, narrow roads, and guides you through RV-friendly routes. You'll need to avoid the tight spaces and windy roads if you'll be traveling through the mountains.

4. Water Pressure Regulator: To prevent your RV's plumbing system from high water pressure at the campsite, a water pressure regulator can be a valuable tool.

5. Leveling Blocks: Not all camping spots are flat. Leveling blocks ensure that your trailer remains level, providing stability and comfort.

6. Propane Level Check: A simple device that magnetically sticks to your propane tank, allowing you to easily see if the levels are getting too low. A great little gadget to have.

7. Water Filter: Inline water filters ensure that all water entering your vehicle, whether for drinking or showering, is clean and safe.

8. RV Cover: A cover can protect your RV from weather elements like rain, sun, and snow when it's not in use. That cuts down on the work of cleaning later on.

9. Solar Panels and Solar-Powered Gadgets: If you're camping in a spot with no electric hookup, products like solar panels, solar-powered lanterns, or solar generator can be extremely useful. Some travel trailers come with connectors already installed so you just add the panels you like. These are handy for keeping your devices charged in the wild.

10. Backup Camera: This helps in reversing or parking the travel trailer, especially in tight spaces. Some cameras provide continuous rear-view monitoring, improving driving safety. Many travel trailers come pre-wired for easily installing a backup camera.

11. Awning: Awnings provide extra outdoor living space, protecting you from sun, rain, and providing privacy. If you add one, don't forget to add it to your maintenance list to keep it free of mold.

While this list covers a lot of accessories, each travel trailer owner should assess their specific needs or creature comforts that will make their travel experience even better.

A few more ideas...

One of our most convenient accessories is a compact television. They are nice to have for guests or just in your bedroom, especially for those rainy days when you're stuck inside.

We can not do without some nice portable camp chairs or even portable camp hammocks. Both of these offer a place for a great afternoon nap. With the fold-away designs, they are easy to load, store and use.

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