Different Ways To Camp

There are so many fun ways to camp.

Most people have a preferred type of camping they do. We like to use our travel trailer, although we have done tent camping occasionally.

The options range from just what you can carry in a pack to all the comforts of home in an RV, and various places in between.

With so many ways to camp, there's something for everyone.

Rustic and rough or on the road with no lack of conveniences.

Why not try something different now and then?

Some Popular Ways to Camp

Let's look at some of the most popular camp styles.

First there is the Full Time RVing person. This person or persons live in their travel trailer, or motor home, full time. Most of their time is spent traveling around. The only home they have is their RV.

You find campground hosts live in their RV. They stay on the campground area full time and are available for anything that comes up in the need of campers.

They are generally the ones that are at the front gate when you drive up to get your campsite. They are, most of the time, very friendly and knowledgeable about the campground.

Handicapped People Love Camping Too

handicapped sign

Another type is Handicapped camping. There are camping pads that are made especially for accommodating the physically impaired person. These are usually located next to or very near the bathrooms.

With a wider camp pad, you have the room for moving around easier. You can get a site that is set up to meet the needs of wheelchair accessibility.

Traveling Light

We like the ways of camping that involve a motorcycle. Motorcycle Camping is made up of motorcyclists that like to pack light and stay a few nights. Most are traveling around and just want a nice, quiet place to park.

A motorcycle camping person will have the bikes loaded down with all their gear on the motorcycle and in backpacks. We took a trip for Memorial Day one weekend and loved it.

Using a Homemade Truck Camper is another way to camp for the traveler. These people love to camp and use the bed of their truck to camp in. It is economical in cost and is efficient for one person.

Primitive Camping is a totally different way of camping. Sometimes called camping off the grid, it is without a doubt an outdoorsman's paradise. You go in with a tent, change of clothing, very little food and some personal hygiene items and make a stay of it. No electricity, of course, so no need to take all those conveniences and gadgets.

There are 2 types of Boondocking, another camping style. One is a type of camping usually done while in transit from place to place, where you do overnight stops in parking lots. The other is like primitive camping.

motorcycle camping

Tent Camping is another of the many ways to camp. You can stay in the campground on the gravel pad and still have access to the bath house and restrooms.

We did the tent camping thing for a few years until our kids got older and moved away from home. Then when grandchildren came along, our age demanded something off the ground. We then graduated to a pop up camper.

These campers like to be in the woods. Of course, there is no electricity or running water out there. You make do with flashlights and a can opener.

Sleeping bags are a necessity for the cold, hard ground is not very merciful on backs. These people love camping and are probably former Boy or Girl Scouts.

There are so many different styles of tents to choose from. A large family can camp in tents and have separate tent rooms.

Tent camping is fun and it doesn't take much space to prepare for it.

Glamping and Romance Camping

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the Glampers.  These are the people who love both being out with nature and a good bit of the creature comforts of home.

A few ways to camp involve just the two of you. One is to spend some time camping the Romantic Camping way. This way of camping is great for honeymooners or just a weekend away from the kids.

With romantic camping, you tend to find a secluded area of the campground and stay to yourself. This is a great way to spend an anniversary or special day doing things like stargazing, strolling through a forest, or sunning on or near the water.

As you can see, there are several different ways to camp. You choose what way is best for you and your style. 

Better get going, the weather is getting warmer and it is time to start deciding on the way you want to camp next time.

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