Are You Prepared For Campground Fun Games, Excitement and Fun?

Do you need ideas for campground fun games and sports? You might want some leisurely activities as well as some more active sports. And some games might be just for the grown-ups or just for the kids while others can be enjoyed by all ages.

There are things to do all over the campground. Just look around you. There are plenty of opportunities to get out and have fun.

Get out your map of the campground and study it.

Where are the playgrounds?

The swimming lake and beach?

The fishing banks?

The hiking trails? The bicycle trails?

Anyone up for volleyball?

What about enjoying the sunrises and sunsets when you're in the mood for something more peaceful?

All these are campground fun games.

Let's look at some simple outdoor campground fun games you can do as a family. Get out those Frisbees!

Now is the time to play. You can get several families together and have a load of outdoor camping recreation called FUN.

Outdoor Family Games

Another fun family favorite is the game of Horseshoes.

This can be played right in your own campsite, although some may have horseshoe pits already setup for you.

Make it a family game if your kids are old enough to throw the horseshoe.

Invite other campers for a neighborhood get together. Kids love competitions!

If you have smaller children, Corn Hole, also known as bean bag toss might be a better fit.  The littlest ones will love to fetch the misses, too.

One of my favorites is Bocce which is just rolling balls across the lawn.

Get out that sidewalk chalk. Make a hopscotch on the camping pad and let the children play. They will have a great time playing.

They can have a drawing contest and color their picture with all those different colors.

And guess what! It washes off with water, so let them draw and color all they want.

While the kids are busy, why not just sit by the lake side and watch all the boats go by. It can be very entertaining.

You will see people learning to ski and when you are sitting by and watching it, you have to laugh.

Those jet ski's tricks can be fun to watch. Those things can do amazing turns and can at times go really fast. It is fun to watch someone fall off every once in a while.

Camping, Sports, and Water

This brings us to the water sports. Yay!

You will see people learning to ski and when you are sitting by and watching it, you have to laugh.

Those jet ski's tricks can be fun to watch. Those things can do amazing turns and can at times go really fast. It is fun to watch someone fall off every once in a while.

Naturally fishing and boating go along with camping.  And while you're relaxing back at camp, practice your knotting skills.

All kids like to play with a football, basketball, soccer, or volleyball.

These sports have been around for years and now you can play at night!

You will be able to see these balls even if you miss the best toss.

You better practice your tossing, though. Everyone around will see how straight it glides through the air! 

Take a walk along the nature hiking trails.

You will get exercise and see things to explore along the way.

You may even get some excellent photographs of bugs, trees, flowers and forest critters.

Look at the sunset! Get out your camera and get a picture of relaxation and beauty. There is so much to talk about in creation.

It is intriguing to see the wonder in kid's eyes and you have to smile in your heart just knowing the same God that created that enormous sun, is the same creator of you, your children and everything around you.

Go Exploring or Touring

Lizards coming out of tree

Where is that magnifying glass? I know there are many different kind of bugs, caterpillars, leaves, rocks and insects for you to examine.

Just look on the ground and on the trees. You will find some of the strangest looking creatures to observe.

Lizards in a tree

Sometimes, just a casual stroll is fun. You can stop and talk to others you know or just take the time to get to know them. Most campers are very friendly and you may even find you know each other through someone else.

Ride Bicycles for Fun and Exercise

One thing we like to do is ride bicycles around the campground. We look at other travel trailers and get our exercise going up and down the hills. 

If this sounds good to you, you might want to read about bike safety or our page about bike carriers.

Explore and Create

Our kids like to walk in the creeks that run through the campsites. They can find more things to do by just taking off their shoes and walking up and down the water.

Our grandson, Kaleb, likes to hunt for frogs and tadpoles. There's no better campground fun games like digging in the mud and dirt!

The playground has a lot to offer when they get bored. Building sand castles is one of their favorite things to do. You can get some sand toys and let them build a princess tower or a fort. It is fun to watch them using their imaginations.

Quieter Games

Oh! What about those dominoes?

How many people can you gather up to play dominoes?

You can play for hours at the picnic table.

When you are tired of dominoes find that deck of cards, or find an opponent for a game of chess.

If you have a set of binoculars, you can go birdwatching. What a marvelous chance to view some of the most interesting birds.

Get in the woods and just listen. You will find birds and owls and maybe even a deer to look at. Keep a journal to record the what, where, and when.

Then get out that badminton set and get a team together and play the afternoon away.

Make a Little Music

When you have played away the day, sit outside and gather by the fire to play and sing.

Bring your guitar, harmonica, or whatever you can play and you will draw a crowd and find you are the most popular campsite in the whole area.

Not all will sing, but they will like to listen. Before the evening is over, you will have made some great new friends that have the same hobby as you. Make plans to camp together again.

Don't forget the leisure time:  This is one of the best campground fun games I can think of, a hammock!

Just lay back and enjoy the morning, afternoon or evening.

Make sure the trees you choose are good, sturdy and spaced just right. What a life! Oh, well, someone has to enjoy it, huh?

One of the best things to look at is a sunrise or sunset. You can see here the beauty of God's creation.

Get out your camera. Now is your time to shine if you are into photography. You will have some of the most gorgeous pictures to show off.

Maybe you will have fun campground fun games to share with us the next time. May your fun continue until next trip.......

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