Health Benefits of Bicycling - Great Travel Means and Exercising Through Campgrounds

Health benefits of bicycling is a popular use of transportation around a campground. Folks ride bicycles more than they walk.

Not to mention a great exercise machine, they get you where you want to go a little faster than walking. If you plan to ride around the campground, please be courteous of others in the park.

Ride along the side of the road facing traffic and do not dart out or cross in front of a moving vehicle.

Children are on these two wheeled wonders all over the place, so observe all precautions of safety.

Where can you go on one?

Let's see, you can go get ice from the park host station, visit friends down the street, ride small children (in a carrier), exercise, tour the campground, roll along the trails, bring firewood from the woods and even pull a wagon.

We did! We hook our wagon to the back of the bike frame with a bungee cord and pull grandkids! Fun and easy way to occupy them.

Make sure your rides are in good riding condition. Keep a bike repair kit handy so you can do them yourself. You don't want anyone to get hurt if they are in an accident. Children do fall off quite often, so make sure there are no sharp objects protruding from them.

Healthy But Most of All, Fun!

Campgrounds have great biking trails to ride on which give good health benefits of bicycling.

Most of them are paved for an easy ride.

Some trails are long and some are short. Your campground map should show you where the biking trails are and how they are designed.  

Some of the health benefits of bicycling may include bicycling for exercise and bicycling for weight loss. As you ride along having fun, you are strengthening your leg muscles and burning calories. Be sure to always check with your doctor before any kind of exercise program.

Bicycling for weight loss has many health benefits, also. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids when riding or doing any type of exercise, especially in the summer. You can get overheated very quickly. Water is an essential part of the healthy benefits of bicycling.

Be sure to wear the proper bicycling clothes. For safety, wear good fitting bicycling gloves, bicycling shoes and bicycling socks that don't ride down, especially when winter bicycling.
To get the best health benefits of bicycling, ride a bike that fits you. Don't try to ride one that is too tall for you. Boys need to ride bikes built for boys and girls need to ride bikes built for girls.

Make sure your feet touch the ground when you stop to keep from tipping over. Wear good gripping tennis shoes or biking shoes to keep your feet from slipping off the pedals. Please don't ride in the rain or on wet roads.

Take necessary precautions and heed the health benefits of bicycling. Read the instructions when putting the bike together. This is a biking safety must do!

Remember you are going through the wooded areas, so spray yourself with repellant against mosquitoes and ticks. There are other insects you may encounter also.

In your backpack, be sure you carry the necessary items for emergencies. Most of all, have fun and take lots of photos for your scrapbook.

Helmets Are Not Optional!

Please be sure to include a safety helmet for each person riding one. I was with someone who actually hit a tree, so it really does happen!

Also, check the tire pressure. They ride and pedal much easier with the correct amount of air in them.

Carrying an air pump with you in your camper will give you the opportunity to maintain it.

A lot of people use adventure bicycling to climb mountains. Make sure you have the right kind to climb that mountain. They are special made with heavy duty suspension and rough terrain tires.

Keep beginners close to the bottom of the steep mountain until they learn to control their bike.

When riding at night, be sure to keep your reflectors clean and carry a flashlight with you. You can strap one to your bike frame with a bungee cord or carry one in your backpack.

You can also get a headlight mounted on your bicycle that is battery-operated. Either way your choose, be extra cautious!

Getting your bicycle to the campground is easy with a bike rack. You can purchase one just about anywhere you can buy a bike. They attach to the back bumper with clamps and have straps that hold the bikes.

If you have a pop-up camper, it is impossible to carry bicycles inside the camper. You can strap them to the top with a special holder, but it is best to carry them on the back of your camper.

With a travel trailer, you can load them inside the living area, but you risk a chance of them falling over onto your furniture (ask me how I know)!

The stability inside the camper is not the best for campground bicycles. Again, it is best to mount them to the back of the camper.

If you love to ride your bike and have several to carry, you will want to purchase a good quality rack. Don't let that keep you from campground bicycling around new and exciting places to explore.

Don't know what the health benefits of bicycling are? Just start riding! Visit the best one stop location to answer all of your tandem, multiple wheel bicycle needs right here.

There are lots of exciting things to do when camping. Having a campground bicycle is just icing on the cake.

You will find hidden trails and believe me they just sit there waiting for someone to ride along them. Gather up some friends from the campground and ride together.

You can use the paved trails or rough it on the natural ones. Either way, a whole new world is just waiting for you to explore it. You will find wild flowers and odd looking trees.

Maybe even a wild animal.

Take your camera along and don't forget to take a bottle of water or some type of drink with you.

You can burn lots of calories and don't even realize it.

It is great exercise for your legs, arms, back, neck and even your buttock.

Happy trails and be careful.

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