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If you like freshwater trout fishing, read everything you can to learn all the trout freshwater fishing secrets.

The right equipment and bait play an important role, but gear is useless without the one thing every angler needs to land the big ones – knowledge.

You can learn the tricks and skills you need to master sight fishing. Sight fishing is intriguing, fun, addictive and, best of all, productive for more and bigger trout.

If you want to become a professional bass fisherman and want to catch more bass than anyone else in your freshwater fishing party, you can have the secrets others dream about!

Ever wonder how some people seem to catch the big fish when others can't? Ask about why they cast in certain areas. You can keep them to yourself or share them. The BIG fish will be on your wall!

What about those carp fishermen? Are you out there?

Where do you go fishing and what kind of lure do you use? You don't see many carp fishermen anymore. Tell us your best fishing story.

You don't have to be a skilled craftsman in order to make your own freshwater fishing secret lures, because with a few simple tools, household materials and asking of course, someone who knows how to show you.

Ask others that seem to be doing what you dream of doing, what they are using as bait.

Follow the Experts

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There are many books and videos you can get to learn all the freshwater fishing secrets, but these are just a few ideas on ideas to read up on.

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