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Things to Cook on a Campfire

Cooking over a campfire produces the best tasting food you will ever eat!  Learn how to slow smoke ribs, chicken, butts, brisket, and turkey too!

Just gather up some wood, put it in the open fire pit, light it up, and let it burn until you have some good coals.

Pull the top over it and put your food on the grates and there you are, you are cooking on a campfire!

Be sure to clean the grates with a wire brush and let the fire burn them for a while to get them clean.

We cook hamburgers, chicken, steaks, hot dogs, baked potatoes and even corn-on-the-cob.

The possibilities are endless.

Choose your wood for cooking over a campfire very carefully. Avoid wood that is rotten or water logged. It does not burn well.

Gather wood from the wooded area around the campground off the ground. Do not cut down any trees.

You are only allowed to get the limbs or trees that have fallen to the ground. Be sure to get some small limbs and sticks to start the fire with.

Keep your fire confined to the designated burn area. Never make a fire outside the fire pit. You can use the BBQ grill to cook on if you do not want to use the campfire.

When you get your wood gathered, cover it with a tarp if those unpredictable afternoon showers pop up. It is hard to start a fire with wet wood! If there has been no rain for a while, there may be a fire ban. Ask your park host if it is alright to have a fire.

These ideas don't need a campfire, but are good for camping. Get you a crock pot for your camper. You can fill that thing with any food you like and it will slow cook your food all day and be ready for you at supper time.

Cooking over a campfire has it's advantages, but when you can't, there other options that make your meals mmm, mmm good!

I'll tell you an easy way to cook baked potatoes. Get your crock pot. Get your potatoes, wash them, coat them with your shortening, wrap them individually in aluminum foil, put them in the crock pot and turn it on.

That's it!! You will have wonderful baked potatoes ready for you to enjoy in about 6 hours on low and 4 hours on high.

Each crock pot cooks differently so keep an check on them.

It only takes a few minutes of your busy day to prepare them. We cook those jumbo potatoes and make a meal with it. Just bring your toppings and fix 'em!

Now you are ready to cook unlimited meals.

Cook chili, soup, chicken and dumplings, stew, roast, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, meatloaf, fish, baked beans and even peach cobbler.

Maybe you know great recipes for the crock pot.

Share them with us. I would love to post them for you, for everyone to try.

Be careful and happy cooking!

Cooking over a campfire - Video

Share your favorite camping recipe with us!

Do you have a great camping recipe? I don't have many camping recipes to share, so I need your help. Share with us your camping recipes whether cooked in the camper or outside on the grill or over the open fire. We all need a new one to try, so let's hear about yours.

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