Portable Holding Tank

Hold Black and Grey Water With Easier Emptying

A portable holding tank is one of the best travel trailer accessories to have on hand. It will save you from unhooking your RV and taking it to the dump station and then returning to the campsite to set up again.

On good thing about it is the wheels, which makes it is easy to pull by bicycle or walking or pull behind your vehicle. They are designed to hold black water or grey water.

You can get them in different sizes.

If you generate a lot of waste water, you will need a larger size tank.

The best thing to do is find a campsite with a sewer hookup.

That is not always possible, so the rolling tank is the best option.

Keep a check on your waste water tank to see how full it is.

You don't want it to get too full without emptying it.

The tank is easy to operate. Take your sewer hose and hook one end up to your RV's waste outlet. Hook the other end to the RV portable tank outlet. Make sure both connections are stable.

Pull the waste water valve open slowly and dispense the contents into the roller tank.

A vent that is on top of the tank has a cap that will need to be removed. Under the cap, you will find a gauge that rises up as the tank gets full.

This gauge is similar to a tire gauge.

It will pop out when the tank is at it's full capacity.

Remove the sewer hose from the tank and replace the cap.

Remove the other end from the RV. Take the sewer hose with you to the dumping station.

You will reverse the procedure at the dump tank.

After hooking the hose to the tank, put the other end into the dump station outlet.

Slowly pull the valve on the holding tank and let the contents flow into the drain.

Once emptied, the tank and the sewer hose will need to be rinsed with clean water.

Add the clean water to the holding tank and dispose of the water through the sewer hose.

Repeat until it is cleaned out.

You will find this camper gadget to be one of the best things to have on hand.

It will save you much time and headache.

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