Used Travel Trailers For Sale

Get The Facts First!

If you are looking for used travel trailers for sale, there are a few things you need to check out when searching.

Every vehicle has a VIN, which is a vehicle identification number.

Get a Vehicle History Report. It may just save you a lot of unnecessary time and trouble. Know what you are spending your money on before you take a chance and waste it.

This number tells everything about the vehicle.

When running a report for previous damages, this number will identify any reported accidents.

This gives you the upper edge on what has happened to it before.

As a matter of fact, knowing how to buy used travel trailers for sale is one thing the owner probably doesn't want you to know. Getting that one step ahead of him will pay off in the end.

Know how extended the damages were, if any, before you do a good inspection. And that is something I highly recommend. Take your pen and paper and jot things down you see.

Another good thing to do is to bring a digital camera and take some pictures of questionable areas.

Check the body for wobbles. Has any of the siding been replaced? Is it all the same style of siding?

Look at the seal around the windows to see if it is oozing out. If it is, the window has probably been replaced.

Has the carpet been replaced? If so, why? Was there a water leak?

Does the AC work? How about the heater?

Do all the lights burn?

Do all the appliances work?

Are the tires in good shape? Have they been replaced? If so, why?

Is there any rust on the mechanical parts? If so, it may have been setting up for a while.

Is it sun-faded? Is there evidence of wax?

How many miles are on the odometer? Are they accurate for the condition it is in?

Never, ever buy a used travel trailer for sale without checking it out with full hookups in use.

You need to test every switch, every appliance, every faucet, every light and even every part of the undercarriage.

Show your pictures to a reputable, knowledgeable person that deals with RV's.

Ask their opinion.

Get the facts before you decide to put your hard earned money down!

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