RV Awning Care

RV awning care can be one of the most difficult tasks of your travel trailer. They are also one of the greatest feature on your camper. Your camper may have one or several awnings on it.

These tips will provide you with shelter from the rain and sun for many years.

They also protect your camping gear and you can store chairs and necessities under it.

They are designed to bring years of functionality to aid in the fun of camping.

Caring for your awning also includes keeping it clean and debris free. If you have an awning that is manual, which means you pull it out by hand, you can lower it as low as you want to.

Always sweep off the leaves and tree debris before you roll it up. If you don't, it may have some holes or tears in it.

The fabrics used on awnings is made from vinyl or acrylic. Some have weather guards made from aluminum or vinyl which protect your awning when you have it rolled up.

RV awning care demands keeping mildew or stains cleaned off. Use a soft brush and a mild detergent mixed with water and softly brush the stained areas and rinse with clear water until the soapy mixture is off.

Never use oil based or any kind of abrasive cleaners. There are awning cleaners on the market which you can buy that do work very well. Please be sure to read and follow the manufacturer directions.

Allow the awning to dry completely before you roll it up. If you have to roll it up wet, be sure to unroll it as soon as possible on a good warm sunny day to let it air dry. Both the top and bottom needs to be completely dry before rolling it back up.

The braces for the awning need to be checked periodically for wear. Make sure they are tightly screwed into the wall side and into the awning railings.

If they are not tight, any wind blowing can cause them to bend. If the roller tube is warped, it will not roll up correctly and cause damage to the awning.

If high winds or gusts begin to blow, be sure to use tie downs to anchor the awning to the ground so it will stay steady and secure. Winds can damage or twist the rails.

If it looks as if the weather will be severe, roll up the awning.

It is always easier to take precautionary measures to use RV awning care than to repair or even replace it.

The good news is the awnings on your RV can and will provide many years of reliable trouble-free operation, if we take the time to properly care for and maintain our RV awnings.

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