RV Awning Fabric

This Tough Vinyl Can Last A Long Time

RV awning fabric should be made out of durable vinyl which will last you a long time and give you lots of functionality.

I did an E-interview with a company that has a reputable business about their awning material.

I would like to share with you the questions and answers from that E-interview.

The company is RV Awnings Mart.

They were very responsive and helpful to provide this information for all of us.

I feel they can provide for any need you have for RV awning fabric.

1. What are your awning fabrics made of?

Our awning fabric is made of a very durable vinyl fabric. Our house brand "Sun Wave" awning replacement fabric is made of durable 15 oz. vinyl with heavy duty 1000 denier weatherguard.

The two pieces are electronically welded (not sewn) together. Tensile strength is 140 lbs per inch, the strongest one in the market.

In comparison to branded awning fabric (made of 11 oz. - 13 oz. vinyl), you can see and feel the difference immediately.

All our universal awning hardware is made of stainless steel. They are three times stronger than big brand parts.

2. Are they weather fade resistant?

The material we use is fade, and mildew resistant, along with having a flame retardent in it.

3.When a tear is made, does it keep running?

If a tear is made it will not initially continue to run. This also depends on where the tear occurs on the fabric and how it is addressed.

4. What is the puncture psi?

The puncture psi is 140 lbs.

5. Can I get fabric cut to my specs?

We do not custom make any of our fabrics.

6. How does this fabric compare to OEM?

Our fabric is stronger and more durable than that currently used by the OEMs.

7. Do you offer different patterns?

Our available patterns are three different colored fades and two stripe patterns. By the end of November we will have a total of 5 different fades.

8. What is the warranty?

We offer a two year warranty on our fabrics.

9. How do you work with a warranty claim?

To obtain any warranty on our product the original invoice with proof of purchase is required. The invoice is always shipped with the product.

10.What is your business phone for placing orders?

Our phone number is 574-584-3451.

As you can see, it is not hard to find quality RV awning fabric.

Whether you are wanting to just change the color or replace it because of needed repairs, RV Awnings Mart can fix you up.

Thank you RVAwningsMart

Where the awning material is the toughest in the market and price is the lowest in the world!

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